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Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Top Three Favorite Knitting Tools!! :)

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Yes, I sang that. :)

We all have them, those tools that we adore and are the ones we have with us in our bags whenever we leave the house.

These are my top three must-have's.

1) Needle Keeper, the Magic Wand.
       I just love this tool. It is practically perfect in every way, so I am listing it first. 

Why? It has one rubber end that is attached to a metal tube. You can fit larger needles in there (the ends of circulars),or two sets of smaller ones, with ease. Then you don't have to worry about breaking a needle in your bag through carelessness. It really has been a load off my mind!

Where can I find it!!?      You can find it on amazon (linked above) or on etsy.

2) Soxyzz Foot measurement (though I only carry it when I'm knitting socks, obviously). (Disclosure - picture is from etsy shop listing with permission from the shop owner).

Why? Because when knitting toe-up socks (my favorite type of socks, I can insert this wonderful item and it gives me shoe size AND inches in child, kid, woman and man sizes. Umm wonderful!

Where can I find it!!?     I received this gem during a sale that Burning Impressions was having on their etsy shop as part of the Deluxe Sock Knitter's Tool Kit (which is ridiculously reasonably priced at $24ish). I have two pairs of socks going right now, two at a time and toe-up, so anticipate getting a great deal of use out of these tools haha.

3) Mug Needle and stitch marker keeper.

Why? It is meant to be a salt shaker, but instead I use it to keep beads or stitch markers/needles. It is perfectly hardy (yes I've dropped them a few times) and the top stay screwed on perfectly. And come one, it's really cute, a mini-mug!!

Where can I find it!!?      This was a fun find at walmart (in-store, not online) and is a perfect example of finding a tool in every-day places. So keep your eyes open for them in the salt and shaker isles!

     What are some of your favorite tools?

Be Well!