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Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Not Fear The Knitting

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This is for all the knitters who are afraid of cables, lace, colorwork of all kinds (from stripes to fairisle), blocking, substituting yarn, and even circular needles instead of straights.

1)  Don't fear it. Everything we do in knitting is simply sticks and string.

   That being said, I have done my share of throwing a ball of yarn across the room, including double pointed needles haha. We all are allowed to get frustrated and put something into time out.

2) If you don't know what something means, google it.
    Google.com is one of the most useful tools for figuring something out. I always use it as a first stop before asking someone. Even if you need someone to show you something, it can bring up youtube videos.

3) So what if it takes you 4 tries to cast on a project correctly?

   Do not be your own knitting Nazi. I mean it. Give yourself a break and do it again. I have been called an "expert knitter", which I am not, and I find myself casting on several times for some projects. It just is. Sometimes it is truly not you at all and the pattern.

4) Sometimes the pattern is messed up and it is not you.

   Use ravelry.com to look up errata and other individuals experience with making the project. And make a project to write notes in of your experiences as well, they help you and others.

In general, take a deep breath and relax, it is all OK! :)
It is just knitting, not brain surgery.
Nothing in life is perfect.

Be well!