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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weaving In Ends... How Many Ways?

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We have all seen the question come up, and in our own time have asked the question ourselves.

How do you weave in the ends so they disappear?

  I will admit that sometimes I am more fastidious than others and I am just happy when they do not show on the right side (especially with stuffed animals haha). But a general good rule of thumb is never knots. If you knot, I disagree. The other ways that I will highlight here will demonstrate ways that are more natural, do not leave a bump/rough spot in your knitting, are very unlikely to come apart and can float to the right side and show.

1) The first way I figured out how to weave in an end is the picture above, which can be found on pinterest. Simply through the purls on the wrong side. I will still do this sometimes in cabled hats, mostly because it is easier than trying to duplicate stitch around cables.

2) The duplicate stitch technique is so useful, and it lends itself to invisible weaving on both sides. What is also particularly nice about this one is that it teaches you how to read your stitches. This is so extremely important that I would suggest any beginner to work on this as soon as they can. It helps you with future knitting, counting rows, stitches and general understanding of how a stitch works.

3) The Russian join is my favorite (and so is the number three, what a coinkidink). This prevents having to weave the ends in later on, and for me is most useful with single color knitting. I have not mastered the skill of doing this while changing colors. The best way to describe this is via youtube:
I'm sure there are more ways but to wrap this up, here are some final tips:

A) Leave lots of space on either side of the Russian join.
B) Relax and realize that it is still just yarn and sticks.
C) Leave long tails
D) After casting on, double the tail with your active yarn and knit it back.
E) Have fun :). You're creating stuff!!

Be Well!