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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Space Between Stitches

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   Lately, besides a touch of the blues, I have been between mkal's. The Outlander (now Dragonfly MKAL 2016) MKAL (and I adore Rachel Roden's patterns!!!) starts a week from Sunday, and a few weeks later the Game of Thrones will start.

  This never means (for me) that I do have projects to work on, PHD (Projects Half Done) is a true degree for me. But I am not as excited about them as I could be, I suppose, the funk will pass.

  The Waiting for Rain shawl is coming along, and I'm loving the Plymouth Monte Donegal yarn (tweedy!!) I'm using that I had found on steep discount on craftsy.com late last year. I'm doing it in black and silver and I have to tell you that my phone just does NOT want to photograph it. It either is too bright or not enough, but my love affair with the color black will continue (I promise).

 The Havens Crocheted Blanket Wrap by Doris Chan is coming along swimmingly, I am enjoying crocheting with the comfy sport yarn from knitpicks.com much more than I enjoyed knitting with it. I don't know why I have so much trouble knitting with cotton mixes, something about the stiffness perhaps. This yarn is a mix of cotton and acrylic and is really quite lovely. What do you think?

   Used magic ring for the center, so it would be closed nice and tight. And there was an error in row 15 that I emailed to the designer and publisher, Tahki Charles, but have not received any sign that it has been received *shrug*.

FYI: Many of the shawls I have made and talked about on here are for sale on my Facebook page.

  Easter passed without anyone getting sick (which is the main reason for my not really being present the past few weeks), so small victory. Anyone had a really rough first 3-4 months of 2016 in terms of people getting sick? In upstate NY I feel as if we may just not have had a good freeze to take care of some of the virus and bug nastiness hanging around.

  If you are in upstate NY tomorrow, feel the warmth!! I need to find and de-bug my lawn chair and stick it into the back of my car for lunch tomorrow, a little comfy knitting in the sun.

Stay tuned for a book review of Knitlandia by Clara Parkes, as my next post.

Be well!