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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Love Affair with Double Knitting Continues

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  Happy March and Super Tuesday (hope you're voting if you can)
  I hope everyone is looking forward to the first day of Spring (in the northern hemisphere) on March 20th! I know I am. We had such a warm day this past Sunday that I was pleased to be able to let my kids play outside all day in the back yard. I really enjoyed the fact that they are both getting old enough to entertain themselves (woot!) and they were getting along well with each other for hours on a time.

  But Sunday brought, for the first time in weeks, no new episode of Downton Abbey. Even though I have finished both the MKAL and the MCAL, I will post fully blocked out pictures of it this coming Sunday to celebrate the final episode.

  In other news, my obsession with double knitting continues with Born of Fire and will continue with Inari Kitsune MKAL (cowl) in April.


A tool that I was looking for in my house off and on (I swore my kids stole it and dropped it down a rabbit hole, so was really relieved to find), was the Knitting Chart Keeper that I had bought a few years ago from knitpicks.com. It is actually pretty affordable (today it is $12.99) and absolutely invaluable for reading charts line by line.

  Thing with double knitting is that it is not always intuitive, especially Tania Richter's amazing patterns. Lace, at least to me, is very intuitive. You generally know where the decreases and increases are going to be, so after the first repeat or two you basically have it. But with Tania's wonderful double knitted designs, each line is filled with pixels of color that in the chart as a whole make sense, but you really need to pay attention to when knitting.

  This kind of focus is really great when I'm stressed out too. I can still put it down and cuddle big time with my kids, but I love the way it slowly, line by line reveals itself. Definitely a love affair.

Be Well folks (and VOTE!)