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Thursday, March 24, 2016

More TV Mystery Knit/Crochet Along Projects (And Game of Thrones is Coming!)

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  There is no need to deny it, I love mystery knit and crochet along's. I regularly start these, and finish with various rates of success haha. On my Facebook page I started a Game of Alongs but you can bring to the party any Alongs that you want that is tv related :).

   Jimmy Beans Wool in particular has some fantastic ones coming up, which I may have mentioned, though their Game of Thrones will not be announced until April 1st (blah!).

1 & 2) The Outlander MKAL/MCAL starts on April 9th (same date the show starts up). Who doesn't love doing these knitting projects along with the shows? A new clue is released every week and everyone can work on it and chat about the show at the same time! And bonus? These projects are supposed to be patterned like plaids, which is so much fun in crocheted or knitted version.

 Years back I made a crocheted blanket and wove two strands of yarn through to give it a plaid look. Bet the crocheted version will be similar to this, which I do have in an old crocheted pattern book of mine called Afghans for All Seasons, Leisure Arts # 100318:

3) The Godswood of Winterfell MKAL is starting April 24th and is one of those projects that I found randomly, happily. It's not specifically listed as Game of Thrones, but it obviously is once you read the description and when it starts. Seems to be a fingering weight, lace shawl in a single color. Says it will have a center panel, so that is kind of exciting!!

  The yarn they suggest is as solid as possible, without variegation, which I am all about. But the yarn I will try out has what will come out as a few dark traces, not something (I hope) that will detract from the pattern as it isn't constant. It is worth a try anyway, the yarn is so soft and yummy!

  As soon as the Jimmy Beans Wool Game of Thrones MKAL/MCAL pages are up on ravelry.com, I will let you know (of course). So come join the event and let me know what you find. What yarn clubs have you joined that are inspired by tv shows? Are you looking forward to Game of Thrones and Outlander as well? Pray with me that I will get my kids to sleep on those nights at reasonable hours haha.

Be well folks,