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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finished Born of Fire, Dolls, New Yarn Bowl and More

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 This photo is particularly relevant for the past two days for me. I woke up Sunday with 19 rows to go on the double knitted scarf, Born of Fire, and finished it!

    Some side by sides of either end:

I do not know what it is about the red not photographing as well as the blue, same time of the day and same camera. Silly thing.

   Anywho, I am going to sew the two ends together to make it a long cowl and that will be it! Maybe Kitchener each side with their corresponding colors... That would be a good idea, don't you think?

Almost Finished:

Almost done with the dolls, so here they are together:

   All I have left to complete are the eyes and mouths on both of them. Instead of making the arms separately and sewing them on, I picked up the stitches on the dolls. This was both good and bad, but worked for me this time. Good because I didn't have to sew them on, bad because I had to pick them up haha.

And Then:

   When I finish a big project, and a scarf that long (and complicated counts haha), I tend to sit back and have a "what now?" moment. It is almost zen, and disturbing (as zen moments sometimes are). Zen can be defined as the total togetherness of the mind and body. When I finish a big project and sit back with it fully cast off and ends woven in, the moment is almost like an exhale and a pause.

  So I picked up some nice and easy knitting (at least for now), my worsted weight Waiting for Rain shawl in Plymouth Monte Donegal yarn (black and silver). The garter work was a nice change for my hands, especially my left handed pointer finger (the knuckle was feeling a little sore from knitting one color of the Born of Fire scarf continental-wise, the purl stitch).

Normally, this shawl is done in fingering weight, so I am guessing it will be very large, maybe I will sew together the ends and make another poncho, like I did with my worsted weight Knitwitch shawl.

  I also FINALLY started my swatches for the TKGA.com Master Hand Knitter Class/Evaluation, having purchased the first level in January. As someone who does not enjoy swatching at ALL, this is surprisingly nice to do after the focus double knitting requires :).

What was in my mail:
First of all, I received my very first (ever) yarn bowl. This has been a new thing that is popular over the last year or two, so here is my band wagon from AAHarison Ceramics. I really love it and am using it far more than I thought I would. Picture below is of it nestled in my yarn delivery from knitpicks.com. Only downside? I guess I wish it was bigger.

   And finally, I received my Deluxe Sock Knitter's Tool Kit from Burning Impressions and am very impressed. My ravelry handle is burned into the sock, and into the back of the long measurement sock. There are so many useful tools here, I really am over the moon. I cannot actually think of a single detraction for these. The long sock tool is used to fit into the sock you are knitting and it actually has the shoe sizes labeled on it as well as the measurements in inches (you can request centimeters). So check that shop out, well done!

Take care of yourself this week, I have some rain and my youngest is a little sniffly (poor thing).

Currently, I just want to go home and knit :D.

Be well!