Hall of Finished Projects 2016-All

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Great Mystery Yarn Crafting Kick-Off of 2016

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The blog post on Refined Knits is postponed while I await permission to use photos, do not want to step on any legal toes!

Mystery Knit A Long Tally:

Born of Fire MKAL

The Born of Fire MKAL is going swimmingly, but slowly (I can only do 3 rows each lunch haha). As you can see the phoenix is completely done, starting in on the flames and soon the color change to blue. The yarn is super comfy from knitpicks.com (stroll fingering weight).

My gauge is a little off though. It is supposed to be 20 stitches by 28 stitches per 4 inches. Instead I am 24 stitches by 28 stitches, so the scarf is not as wide as the sample (12 inches) coming in at 9 inches. I'm good with that, though, not a huge fan of super wide scarves, and the length will be the same (or should be) so just plugging along.

New Year Mystery Shawl AKA Mandela III (Hereby referred to as: NYMS16)

This is the new shawl that I started this past Saturday with the gloss lace yarn from knitpicks.com. It is a circular/pi shawl and I used the Circular Cast-On, which is perfect for having a nice tight center that you can pull together as you knit, though you really need an odd number to cast on for it to work well.

This shawl is fun, and hopefully I will finish my first pi.

Project Distraction or Overwhelm?

With everyone sick, and my stress level in overload, I have definitely layered myself with mystery knitting and crocheting projects to try and keep me focused to some degree. In some ways it has been good and in some ways it really hasn't worked at all.

The Downton Abbey MKAL and MCAL will be over by February 21st (last Downton Abbey episode airs that day). The Born of Fire final clue is released on the 26th of February, and the NYMS16 releases its last clue on February 27th.

That gives me probably another two weeks to finish everything up and by mid-March I am free of all four (is that a silly hope? I'm not too far behind on everything in all honesty).

Of course in March there is a KAL that will start for the Refined Knits book by Jennifer Wood, so there will be that.

But folks, hold me to the vow to not pick up any more mystery yarn crafting projects this month!! I cannot take it, right? :)

Be well folks!