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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

*Spoilers* Downton Abbey, MKAL/MCAL updates and the Virus that won't DIE! *Spoilers*

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Anyone else sick with the virus from hell? It's not exactly the flu, but more like a head cold that will not let up *sigh*. Well, pray for me? (joking)
  Considering a single website to have my knitting posts on one drop down and my book reviews on another.  What do you think?

Downton Abbey:

   I must say that I was most worried about Thomas Barrows this week. I know we all love to hate him, but underneath that (since I'm not married to him or stuck with him day in and day out), I feel for him. I cannot imagine the pain he must feel to be absolutely hated for something he cannot help about himself. In his way, when it comes to his sexuality, he is honorable. I was actually worried that this episode would find him attempting (or committing) suicide by hanging in his room.

  Glad to see Lord Grantham able to get out, though the car crash was dreadful, but I am happy that Lady Mary's beau was not killed and I do not blame her AT ALL for her choice to end it with him. It must have been entirely too much for her to experience that terror again.

  Poor Lady Edith, I wish she could freely shout to the world that little Marigold is her daughter, and damn the press. But I hope her beau turns out to have more sterner stuff in him than many other men and accept that part of her life. I feel for Lady Edith and want the best for her.

  Who else is keeping their fingers crossed that Anna delivers a healthy child? I wonder if we will see the wee thing during the last episode? Wouldn't that be a conclusion?

Ah well, until next week.


  Alas, I was sick most of the weekend, so what little knitting I did get done was in trying to catch up with the Born of Fire MKAL. The Downton Abbey MKAL and MCAL are slowly getting there this week, with the focus on giving them both borders, which I seem to have more fun with in crocheting than knitting. (In my best English accent) I must say, I find crocheting a delight to return too and must do more of it this year so am hunting out more non-mystery patterns to make.

Born of Fire Progress (there be flames!):


The Virus that won't die is still present, I'm exhausted but well enough to knit, read, fix my kids food, and go to work, though it exhausts me so badly I tremble sometimes from fatigue. So here is to mom's everywhere who are just trying to make it through the winter!!

Be well,