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Monday, February 22, 2016

*Spoiler* Downton Abbey Episode, MKAL and MCAL & Born of Fire

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  Well, this week's episode was exciting!! I just KNEW that Mary was going to lay it open about Marigold, and what that would do to poor Edith. What a bitch, sorry, but true. 

    Though I have to say the show utterly avoided the realities in Berties eyes in regards to what it is really like for women. How dare he be such a snob about her fear of telling him the truth about having a child out of wedlock during that time period!! I understand he felt like he was going to be duped, but she already told him that at least Marigold was her ward. 

   As she is illegitimate, how much more does it mean with Marigold being Edith's biological child? Very snobbish and I have high hopes that the last episode will bring him around.

  So proud of Tom this episode for sticking up for how he called it against Mary. Well done!

  As I said last week, I feared that Thomas Barrow would try to kill himself and I am very relieved that they stopped him. 


  The final clues are high in picots for both crocheted and knitted versions of these projects. I have made progress on the crocheted border, but not as much on the knitted one. I have to wonder if the crochet but has poked me again, though I still prefer how knitting looks.

  I truly cannot wait to block out my crocheted project.. The MCAL will be so much fun to see!!

  One thing I will mention, if I do the MKAL pattern again, I would leave the tips of the wings on waste yarn, than pick them up again when doing the edge. That would create a seamless transition at the edge.

Born of Fire:

  I wanted to mention the Born of Fire MKAL (clues are out so fairly easy to see progress), and this project has really stolen my heart. I just adore double knitting!! And look! Color change to the dragon side of the scarf!!

Future plans:

  So what am I going to focus on next? I am hoping to find a Game of Thrones and Outlander project to have fun with, hopefully from my stash. Who is with me? What do you think? What MKAL's or MCAL's would you like to follow my progress on?

Be Well!!