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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

*Spoiler* Downton Abbey Episode, MKAL and MCAL *Spoiler*

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Episode Spoiler:

  Everyone in my house has been so ill the past week that I'm not sure if I watched the latest Downton Abbey late Sunday night or early Monday morning while home sick. Either way, it was not the most exciting, but seemed more of a fun one to set up this coming episode. I wish Daisy would stop getting her knickers in a twist, she is such a brat sometimes. Tom would do well to come out of his shell a bit and mingle with others, the car racing as a hobby could be fun (though the safety scares me too).

  I did not realize, or had forgotten, that Mary did not realize that Marigold was Edith's biological daughter. There is concern for what Mary will do to Edith out of jealousy when she puts two and two together. Things tend to fly out of Mary's mouth out of spite.

  Mrs. Hughes really needs to put Carson straight because he obviously does not realize how upset he is making Mrs. Hughes with his expectations of her having higher cooking skills. That would upset me and I do believe that since she hasn't addressed it yet it may blow up between the two of them, but I have faith it will work out just fine. Men really need to remember to try and NOT marry their mother's.

Downton Abbey MCAL Progress:

   As you can, hopefully see, I have caught up with the Downton Abbey MCAL. PHEW!! Partly, my problem has been that it has been a while since I have crocheted, a year or so. But partly was that the clues had so many corrections, so I don't feel too badly about my troubles.

 This past clue in particular was fairly easy-going as it simply went along from one end to the other and the scallops are lovely and fun (holy picot in this pattern haha). I look forward to being able to soak and block this out. This may very well be the very first time that I have ever crocheted something in a wool/cashmere blend yarn. The result is quite lovely. Yarn: Celestial Strings Cashmere Cloud.

Downton Abbey MKAL Progress:

I have not finished the previous clue, but as I'm feeling a little better today I will be working on it and anticipate having this wing done in no time this week. This yarn is a silk/merino mix and I'm find it a little stiff.. I wonder how it will block out. Yarn: Celestial Strings Silk Moon Fingering.

  There is an error in my garter stitch border, but I could live with it. My mistake was that on the way back, instead of knitting three (to create the garter) I purled all the way across haha. I am not planning on submitting this for competition, so I am okay with that. And every project should have a little mistake. :)


I got my new blog business cards in from zazzle.com!!! :)

I need a nap..

Be well!