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Monday, February 1, 2016

*Spoiler* Downton Abbey Episode, & Catching Up With MKAL and MCAL *Spoilers*

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Episode Commentary:

 As per usual, for this season, I feel that Edith is graceful and sweet and is much more at ease in her own skin. Perhaps she annoyed in the beginning when she tried to hard, and I could relate to that, but now she is settling in and the last scene where Mary knew that Edith was outshining her with their Grandmother as the person to turn too sent chills down my back. I just wish Mary would leave her alone.

  Sadly, I knew poor Lord Grantham would fall ill from that stomach ailment, they were certainly building up to it. I am just grateful that it was an ulcer, as terrifying as it was for everyone, and not cancer. Though I have a feeling that this experience will change the Dowager's opinion on modernizing the hospital.

Downton Abbey MKAL /MCAL Update:

I find the shape of both these projects fascinating! They both have the same shape, though I will admit that I just started the first wing of the MCAL, but am working hard to catch up. The MKAL is coming along beautifully and I cannot wait to see what is next!

The MKAL is progressing is farther along for the MCAL, so I cannot help but wonder how they are going to fit three more clues (eek three more episodes and Downton Abbey is over!! What are we going to do!).

Excuse the blocking, when I truly block it I will likely use wires, but I wanted to get it blocked out for you to see how it looks. And I am enjoying this and the show, all good stuff. I hope you are enjoying the show as much as I am. I promise that this weekend I will have more pictures of the MCAL.

What is to come:
In the meantime, make sure you keep an eye on the next blog post as I will be highlighting a new author, but not a so new designer named Jennifer Wood and her designs are under the auspice Wood House Knits. In March I will be doing a giveaway for her new book (once it arrives in the mail), Refined Knits: Sophisticated Lace, Cable and Aran Lace Knitwear

Be well and talk to you soon!