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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Knitting at Birthday Parties, and Other Adventures as a Mommy

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   Today I took my daughters to a birthday party today (my oldest is 8 and my youngest is 4), I did bring my knitting with me. Part of the reason why I brought it was the "just in case". The party was at a crowded bowling alley so it took a while for me to get situated somewhere that I could knit and keep an eye on both my kids to make sure they behaved (yes, I am that kind of parent, but my kids behave so I am good with it). 

  As usual, I was the only parent knitting, but as the parents were not really talking, even when I had tried to start up conversation, I decided it was best to just chill out and enjoy my time as much as I could. 

  There were multiple reasons why knitting at that time was a good thing. First of all, it was a stress- relief from the awkwardness of being around soooo many people. It can be very hard for me to deal with my stress level when there are so many people. Every single lane was being used, and there were at least 3 birthday parties going on when we got there. 


Second of all, knitting can be a great conversation starter, but not so much today so I stuck to my knitting, while I kept a close eye on my girls. 

  Than the party was made even more fun by the fact that my youngest ran up to me so excited because she had just had her turn at bowling (first time), and jumped as soon as she came over for a hug. Her jump sharply connected her hard head against my mouth, cutting my lip on my teeth, I am so relieved that my teeth did not get damaged. But I did start to bleed sharply and started to look like a vampire. 

I think it was about at that point I really, really, REALLY wanted to go home. On the plus side, I did get my lip to stop bleeding and finally got back to my Downton Abbey MKAL border (picot edging is all that is left!!)

But, hey, the kids had fun! :)

Be Well!