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Thursday, February 11, 2016

February Poststitch and "What on Earth am I Doing?"

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Poststitch Fun:

    I received my poststitch.com box for February, and it is beautiful! I am very happy that I went back to this subscription! The pattern is Dark Valentine by Ambah O'Brien, size 5US needles for the project, some fun extras (SOAK and a balm), stitch markers and, of course, the yarn in rhubarb by Joan of Arc (merino/tencel mix).

Make the sick go away!

  Too many people are still sick in my house. My youngest has been home sick since last Friday but her fevers have stopped and as of yesterday she is finally eating food again (she has been drinking all along luckily). The doctors all relay that everything going around is a virus, not bacterial, so there is very little they can do. I just hate it when my little beans are sick..

  Now I'm sick, which is awesome, though I'm well enough to knit, so well enough to work haha. Though I swear I find myself questioning what the faucet, called my nose, is hooked up to!

Awesome Cousin's:
 My cousin Libby Cudmore has published her first book "The Big Rewind" and I am so proud of her. Please check it out! She is having a signing tonight at SUNY Oneonta, but with me and my husband (who is deathly ill :P) sick my plans are thrown to the wind.

 Be Well!