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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Double Knitting With Both Hands - Video Included

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  As some of you may know, I have been obsessed with double knitting this year, thanks to the Born of Fire MKAL that I have been participating in. So today, thanks to my friend Letycia, I finally managed to get a video made of the way I double knit, which is a little different from the typical videos that you will find on youtube.

  Most double knitting videos have you holding both colors in one hand, english style, or continental. But I fell into doing it with one color in each hand. I tend to have the main color for that side in my right and the contrast in my left. This keeps the yarn from twisting and keeps you from making careless mistakes, as well as improves your brain dexterity haha.

The video has three sections. The first explains the basic tenents of basic double knitting, two contrasting yarns. The yarn is knit up in pairs. What this means is that the first stitch is knit, the second is purled, every time, without fail. The second stitch that is purled is also always the opposite color of the knit stitch. 

The second section is with a white piece of paper as a back wash to the black yarn I am using, to make it easier for you to see.

The third section is at my house with some bulky yarn to give you another look. I hope it helps!

The idea of double knitting is successful because you keep the yarn all in the back when you do the knit stitch and all in front when you do the purls, thereby carrying the yarn between the two sides. I hope this makes sense!!

Be Well!