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Friday, January 15, 2016

What a Week, a Lack of Knitting!

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This has been quite the week:

My entire plan this week was to simply make it through the week. I just wanted to make it. The kids managed to all be fed and cleaned, my youngest visited her new Universal Pre-Kindergarten classroom on Wednesday and started school today:

  I am so proud of her for getting on the big bus with her sister, and I called later on her school and she got off the bus with a big smile on her face haha. My sweet angels.

This week I was so sick from Monday night through Wednesday morning that I could not knit.... The main problem being a migraine making me sick, but fueled by a head cold and my womanly, monthly, friend. Talk about compounded?! That is a very long time for me to not knit, for me. I joke with my family that if I'm not knitting, you know something is wrong haha.

The one thing I could knit:

  I still managed to get some knitting done since then. The yarn arrived from knitpicks.com for the Born of Fire MKAL and I got to work (very weakly, I mean shaking a little in the legs) to wind the yarn I needed to wind and cast on. The stroll yarn I ordered is so soft and knitting up beautifully and I'm very happy with my colors.

Double knitting is a love of mine, but I did have to go look up a reminder video on youtube.com on how to cast on and do the stitches, the two I found the most helpful were:

Casting on video:

And for the knitting across the row:

I am still working on hold the yarn in my left hand and twisting my right wrist less, double knitting can be very painful for me.
In my email today, was a link to a very funny post: A Brief Guide to Lesser-Known Yarn Superstitions by Franklin Habit. Check it out for a laugh, but I wouldn't suggest flushing a stitch marker..

But on a sad note:

RIP Alan Rickman


RIP David Bowie

Be well folks and see you next week!!