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Monday, January 11, 2016

*Spoilers* Downton Abbey MKAL and MCAL Continues *Spoilers*

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Powerball News:
Unless you don't watch television, or listen to the radio (and I am not insulting those who do not at all, just factually stating that). The Powerball has taken over some parts of the United States. Apparently, they have changed some rules making it harder for someone to actually win, which is creating a larger jackpot. So I need to buy another winning ticket (le sigh), but fear not, I would keep blogging. :)
   Clue 2 was completed yesterday without a hitch. I started it after an update was pushed through, as a row was left out apparently, so I didn't have any problems and the pattern is fairly intuitive.
  The yarn is still wonderful, smooth, a little stiffer (which I am wondering if it is the silk and I'm fairly sure it will relax after soaking and blocking). Again, yarn is Celestial Strings Yarn, Silk Moon Fingering in colorway North Star. But with the yarn being a little "stiffer" (there must be a better word for it) the stitch definition is absolutely beautiful. Still loving my CDD and everything is going along swimmingly.

Downton Abbey MCAL News:

    This review is one that I am hating to write..

  With any MCAL or MKAL, there are certain typos and inconsistencies to be expected. That's fine. But the clue's for the MCAL have obviously not been reviewed by test crocheters and this makes for mornings where I have to sit there with a pen and write out the corrections, then I email and post them in the forum for others to see.

  What is so frustrating about this, is that she seems really nice, but if the clues keep going as they have been, the frustration level of this MCAL will rise to such a place as to announce the MCAL a failure. I hate to say that, but it's been that bad. There doesn't seem to have been enough prep for this.

  I'm actually starting to wonder if the migraine's I've started to receive every Sunday are because I start with the MCAL.. Why can't I be challenged by a craft and not feel pain before I complete the challenge? :(

Wrapping It Up:

    Honestly, I do not feel so good. My 4 year old starts pre-school this week and I'm nervous about that. I wonder if they will see through me and see that I am a horrible parent that works full time, knits too much and hasn't won the powerball yet. Everyone had a stomach bug the end of last week, my youngest has my oldest daughter's cold and has the same horrible cough, and I feel like crap too.

  Whoever has the other 5 numbers of the powerball for this Wednesday, I have a glue stick, let's go for it. (jk).

Be well!!