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Monday, January 4, 2016

(SPOILERS!) Downton Abbey MKAL and MCAL (SPOILERS!!!) and Other Fun

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   I am in Gilmore Girls withdrawal. All last week I was home with my awesome daughters watching Gilmore Girls (I made it through season 4, episode 1) and slowly (okay maybe not so slowly) turning into a non-coffee drinking (mountain dew) Lorelei.

  But now, snap back to reality, yo I'm at work! So on my break, I'm trying to make myself feel better (and give my elbow a rest from all the major knitting I've done last week), and blog a little.

So hi!

The tip of the week of iceberg was of course the season premiere of Downton Abbey on PBS (final season), and the beginning of me knitting and crocheting the mkal and mcal's that are going on the entire season.

  If you don't want to see spoilers, please feel free to bypass all of the posts, over the next two months, that start with the words Downton Abbey and I will do my best to put the word "spoilers". So if you do not want to see pictures of what I've done so far, please stop reading and I'll see you in another blog post later this week which will not focus so much on Downton Abbey.

So bye to those of you. And for the rest of you who, like me, really do not mind spoilers, here we go!

First up is the KAL, which I am using Celestial String Yarn: Silk Moon Fingering (70% merino/30%silk) in colorway North Star.

   I haven't finished this, because I started it second and I did not used DPN's to start this, so it took two tries (I like to live dangerously). The pattern is coming along swimmingly for the knit a long, no complaints or concerns. So enjoy this clue :) and here is my unfinished preview:

Next is the CAL, which I am against using Celestial String Yarn: Cashmere Cloud (80% merino/10%nylon/10% cashmere) in color-way Eta Carina.

  Now, one of my biggest problems with patterns in general, is that the yarn-crafting community needs to use the same language. This clue was particularly confusing because of the word use: stitch below instead of next stitch. Normally when you say stitch below you mean you are going to crocheting into the row below, not the next stitch. Anyway. Eventually got it cleared up, my count is good on each side.

  Side note: I think I may take apart the square and clean up the joins on each round with the mock invisible join. But the color is pretty. :)

 So that was my Sunday, besides going over to my sister's house and being goofy during the afternoon (thank you sista!). The week was full of fun with lots of relaxing and goofing around with my kids. 
  I was working on some other projects:
1) A V-Neck Onsie for a friend who is pregnant, knit in knitpicks.com cotton/acrylic Comfy sport yarn:

2) Sprig of Hope as a fun dk weight yarn that I had picked up at the Rhinebeck Festival 2015. The yarn is from Dragonfly Fibers, their dk weight yarn is called Travellers and my yarn is in colorway Firecracker. I have to say here that this yarn is soo yummy. Better than malabrigo in that it is so soft and color-rich. Check these folks out, they are amazing!

3) Lastly, I knit a pair of Basic Children's Mittens for my oldest (which of course I forgot about this morning.. *palm to face* haha). They are knit in woolease, brown color. Did not use the entire skein so yay. These were fun because I started and finished them on January 1st, mainly for my Arithmancy class in the Ravelry Harry Potter Forum. I have not been sorted, but have decided to try and do at least one class a month so that I can be sorted in April (thinking long-term am I lol).

That is about it, I think. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week. The next post this week will not have anything about Downton Abbey, I promise.
But as for the episode, I am so relieved that Anna is off the hook for killing that evil jackass! And Mrs. Hughes (aka Phyllis Logan) looks sooo different in real life with lighter colored hair and her hair down haha. Good for her! :) Cannot wait to see what happens!
Be well!