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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

*Spoilers* Downton Abbey Episode and Clue 3 MKAL Gush & Born of Fire MKAL *Spoilers*

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MCAL Avoidance:
Full disclaimer, I have not even started the MCAL clue, so this blog post will not include any spoiler's about that project. The past two weeks I have been sick with migraines and sinus infections, so in an attempt to not have a third migraine on my third consecutive Sunday, I didn't pick up my crocheting (and it seemed to have worked, no migraine).

Episode Gush:

  Through all of these seasons I have actually rooted for Lady Edith, while I tolerated Lady Mary, laughed at the rivalry between Mrs. Crawley (Isobel) and Countess Crawley (Violet) and winced with Anna and Mr. Bates. The episode when Lady Sybil died will always make me cry and hold my daughters all the closer.

  This episode was the one in which, finally, Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes marry. I must say that I completely agreed with Ms. Hughes and wanting to have her reception apart of the house so she wouldn't have to feel the servant. Very right and true, and Lady Mary should have kept her nose out of it.
  Lady Edith is finally beginning to take charge of her career as an editor (as she should). I think I connect most to Lady Edith, I feel awkward around others at times, have been very passive in my life with spurts of not such passivity, which can be very alarming to the people around us who depend on us being passive and not causing waves (unless they require us to do so to help them).

Who in the show do you connect to most?

MKAL Clue:


   Not quite finished with MKAL Clue 3, but I have had no trouble with it whatsoever, so I am glad that I started Sunday with this clue, versus the MCAL clue. This was much more relaxing. There appears to be a border of some type with three garter stitches going up the side so it will be interesting to see where we go from here!

Born of Fire MKAL:

  The Born of Fire MKAL is a double knitted project that I have become obsessed with. I want to work on it all the time, even though I have dolls and baby blankets to work on (and of course housework....). The picture up here shows an entire wing is completed of the phoenix, the project is a scarf with a dragon on the other end. The yarn used is knitpicks.com Stroll (tonal in Pepper, and black solid).

  Please excuse the cat hair :P.


What MKAL or MCAL's are you enjoying this year?

Have a great week!