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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

*Spoiler - Downton Abbey* & Scary Knitting Weekend

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This weekend my mother went to the hospital ill with pneumonia in both her lungs. While I was waiting for her to be admitted, I was working furiously on my double-knitting, the Born of Fire mkal, to keep my cool. So the picture below is at the hospital on Saturday night.
And these are the pictures below was last night's final progress.

Stress much? My brain still feels like it's vibrating as I have to figure out after school care for my kids, and worrying about my mom in the hospital and if she will be okay when she gets home, and my time off from work.  So I'm a little freaked.

 I did get to see Downton Abbey on Monday morning, and the episode was good, with people shooting themselves in the foot by not talking to each other and with Anna's pregnancy continuing on safely. I cannot understand how Lady Mary could see herself dating/seeing a man who races cars professionally, considering what happened to her husband.

As to the MKAL and MCAL, due to past issues with the clues, I have fallen behind. I am planning on catching up but need the satisfaction of double-knitting to make it through the end of this month. It looks like wings on either side of both, though, are the plan.

End Spoiler

  But after the episode ended I got right up on the Gilmore Girls band wagon, finished season 5 and made a very good dent into season 6. The feeling of listlessness that accompanies my stress lingered and Gilmore Girls was a good match while I was knitting to try and stay focused. Some people clean, which would probably be more productive than me sitting there knitting, but I feel sometimes as if when things get so overwhelming I just need to knit until I can get a better grip on everything.

While I try to get everything sorted in my life, there may be fewer posts. I'm honestly not sure. I'm obviously behind on the Downton Abbey MKAL and MCAL, among other things, but we all need to do what we have to do to make it through our trials and tribulations.

My goals are to keep my bungee cord of sanity untwisted, keep my children loved, make sure my mother is okay, and just do what I can each day. Sometimes that is very little.

Have a great week, folks!

Be well,