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Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Most Anticipated MKAL's of 2016 (So Far)

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  As usual, with my inability to really organize my life and focus on one thing, I go through major periods of startitis (versus minor periods of startitis.. the times in my life when I do not actually want to start a new project are very few.. and usually very disturbing to my family).  The new year never fails to be a source of a major period of this startitis and this year has not failed me at that!

  Besides the fact that I have to make two baby dolls for a coworkers:

And baby clothes for a pregnant friend who has the baby shower on the 16th (9 days people):
 (picture not mine)

There are the never ending MKAL's that I want to do.

Definition Time: MKAL= Myster Knit A Long. This means that you know generally what you are making (shawl for example) and how much yarn you need, if you need beads, the size of the needle and gauge. But then the pattern is released in increments, the Downton Abbey one is being released in weekly increments, for example (which is usually the norm).

So there is the list that I have compiled to relay to you my top 5 most anticipated MKAL's of early 2016, not in any particular order.

There is a little bit for everyone, from lace to double knitting or cables.

Will you join?

1) Downton Abbey MKAL and MCAL:

        Started on January 3rd, been fun so far and challenging for various reasons (see previous post for spoilers and more information). This is a fun Sunday project, as the pattern clues are released on Sundays, and will stretch out throughout the season, so I anticipate the clues being a little smaller than the norm for both projects. Should be fun!

2) New Year Mystery Shawl aka Mandala III:

     This mkal starts on January 30th and I am honestly not sure why I want to do this, maybe because I haven't successfully completed a pi shawl (round shawl) and so here is another go at it. (Though, to be honest, my WIP pile is still hiding this unfinished shawl on waste yarn: Mary Lennox). Here is the yarn I just received for the new mkal, Knitpicks.com Gloss Lace (merino/silk mix):

3) Fire Shawl (Part of the Elements Series)

     This starts on January 29th and the entire series has been absolutely wonderful!! I'm honestly not sure I will actually be able to do this one, may put it on the back burner until later in the year, and I never even started the Air one because I did not like my beads. But the pattern is free until January 28th so hop on board!!

4) Born of Fire

   This is a double knitting MKAL that started officially on January 1st. I just found it today and am going to order the yarn so obviously super behind. I just love the idea of doing some double knitting fun with dragons!!!! (So I will be peeking at my bank account and slipping over to knitpicks.com later for yarn). Anyway, this looks like so much fun and if you want a challenge this year with double knitting fun, this looks like it could be it!! (photo theirs, not mine)

5) Arranmore

   I make no bones that I love cables. Seriously ADORE cables. And this pattern looks like it could satisfy that lust, that passion, that yearning to touch my celtic roots and hear them play harps as I use my stitch holder/dpn/pencil/hair clip to make cables.

   This MKAL started on January 1st, so obviously for me it is postponed, but definitely something to catch up on later (this one hopes).


What MKAL's or MCAL's are you participating in?

Be well!