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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The New Year Is Upon Us

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  This week has been all about trying to get my youngest daughter into the new universal pre-kindergarten program that she was accepted into. Of course, they do not answer their phones, though I know they are open and found out they have a problem with answering their phones in general, and there is no transportation set up as of yet. 


  I can absolutely not wait until after the holidays. But I need to get my knitting and crocheting works in progress organized. As my last post indicated, I have a ton of things to work on, the Downton Abbey mkal/mcal is caked for the January 3rd cast-on (both from Celestial Strings):

  Something that I am finally working on finishing is the St. Brigid Sweater as well, in Berroco Vintage. This sweater was amazing to knit, until I got to the collar, then I felt a little unable to finish. A few years later my experience has definitely enabled me to knock this one out this week (hopefully). 

  Therefore, my goal this week is to finish up as many stashed works in progress as my elbow will allow (pain sucks), and start the Downton Abbey mkal/mcal (I will be doing be doing both) on Sunday. That is what I'm doing immediately, besides trying to catch up on every single episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix (which is both sad and awesome). 

  Mentally, I'm doing okay, hanging out with my kids is fun and relaxing. I'm staying up ridiculously late and sleeping during the day sometimes with the kids. All is stable, and shouldn't we always just be grateful for these moments of stability? :) 

  I hope that you have had a fantastic year, and have another great one to come. 

Be well!!