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Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Knitting Goals 2015 (Failure Imminent, Countdown Began)

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  This is true. Just like the sight of other people's knitting can make me want to knit (no joke, Facebook groups are bad enabling heaven).

Knitting Goals:
  So we all have goals, right? I have put aside all of my non-xmas present related knitting to focus on finishing as much as possible, which includes my mother's afghan (soo hate knitting afghans haha). The picture below was it before I turned the corner, then a few rows later, put it down. It's pretty, it's soft, it's warm.. But it's sooo big! :P. The pattern is #27 Leaf Blanket by Inge Spungen. I guess what I hate about it is also that the leafs are only charted out at first, then you have to pick where to put them and that is too much work haha. I also lost the magazine the pattern was in (, fudge me.

   Next, I'm waiting with baited breath for yarn to arrive (and it should be here today!!) to make (hopefully) two hats: Keep Me Warm pattern by Anne G. This is a free pattern so I am super excited. It's having fun with the sock monkey colors, but as a hat. Hats are fast to knit right? I can make a pom right? First one lol.  Sorry no pics, but go check out the free pattern.

I am doing horrible on my daughter's Candy Bears. I haven't even finished one.. I suck. :(

In Other News:
   So yeah, not feeling positive about finishing my knitting. :(. But I have also quit drinking Mountain Dew, due to some studies that reminded me about how really bad it is for me. I'm definitely on a sugar withdrawal/torture path and it is going to be rough. But, this is important.
  This past weekend, I went to the town holiday parade with my two little ones. My youngest wasn't having a great time, as there were too many people. My oldest ended up in tears during the parade because they had run out of candy and this kid was darting around my daughter and taking any candy he could. Luckily, the evening ended with the xmas tree lighting, in which my oldest ran into one of her besties from school and cheered up. But I still wanted to smack that kid for making my daughter cry (wanted did not mean I would). And people really need to teach their kids to not litter.
  Sunday, I was exhausted, so I didn't do a whole lot (yay for not sleeping Saturday night).
I did get some yarn deliveries last week! Behold the craftsy.com awesomeness of Plymouth Monte Donegal in Black and Ink!! I will be making a sweater with the Ink, including some Silver yarn, after the new year. This stuff is soo squishy!

   Be well, folks. As the year starts to wrap itself up towards Christmas, we will make it into the New Year with new possibilities. Each breath is an opportunity to live in the moment and not dwell on the past or the future.