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Monday, December 21, 2015

2016 Knitting Goals

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  With 2015 drawing to a close, I find myself both relieved and apprehensive. Today is Yule, and Friday is Christmas Day. In my family, I am the sole person who is responsible for carrying the holidays and I am not particularly religious. So instead, I'm choosing to focus on what is to come in regards to my knitting aspirations.

So here we go:

1) My daughter's celtic owl sweater. I want to finish designing and knitting it. Time to pick it back up!! This sweater is being knit with Knitpicks.com yarn.

2) Downton Abbey will be winding down their last season this coming Winter/Spring, and Jimmybeanwool.com is hosting a MKAL (mystery knit a long) and MCAL (mystery crochet a long). I will be doing both. :) I kind of miss crocheting so that will be a fun. Both yarns are from Celestial Strings Yarn on Etsy.  Anyone else joining me in that on January 3rd?

3) Today, arriving via mail, is some roving for me to start trying to drop spindle my own yarn! I bought the merino roving from Three Waters Farm on Etsy and am really very excited to try it. Wish me luck! And thank you to @katiepansy on instagram for the drop spindle through #getyouryarnwishgranted .

A little info here: Celestial Strings yarn is testing a new mill for yarn and the following projects will be in the goal to test these yarns and I specifically picked these patterns to test the yarns.

4) The Levity Shawl seems like a good, fun, relaxing knit for some merino fingering weight yarn. The yarn I have is variegated between two colors so we'll so how it works out. Here's to hoping! If it doesn't work, I'll just frog and look for another pattern. (picture is not mine). Do you think it will work for variegated yarn? I think it will..

5) Next up is the Carradal, which is a lovely striped and cabled shawl. The yarn I have for this is not variegated all that much. One color is a tonal blue and the other is a gray tweed. The cables will be fun!

6) Bigger on the Inside features the Tardis from Dr. Who, but I'm honestly not sure if the yarn will work for this pattern (even though the colorway is called Tardis). It again is a variegated between light and dark blue (just the two colors). The way the pattern is laid out, I have a feeling that I truly will not know if it works until I'm down to the Tardis design at the border, so we'll see how it goes. The yarn I will be using also has a twinkle aspect to it, which makes me nervous, so we'll see.

7) The Tanner Cowl is going to be an easy and fast knit, being a worsted weight project. Funny story about this one, I actually have this book on my kindle.. so getting the Kindle Fire away from the kids long enough to knit the cowl should be interesting lol. Bribery in this case haha.

End of Test Mill 2016 Goals (for now)

8) I had shown some Plymouth Monte Donegal yarn that I had purchased off of Craftsy.com a few month ago or so, and the blue and silver will end up being the Tuin sweater, though I will not be doing a turtleneck, instead, I will just leave it a regular neck with some k2p2 ribbing. This will be such a fun knit this coming year.

 On top of all the 8 fun knitting stuff (and knitting related stuff) going on up above, I will yet again attempt to start holiday knitting early. I always fail this because I'm not really good at really long-long-term planning.

In the meantime - enjoy your holiday season. Watch White Christmas, The Santa Clause, and It's A Wonderful Life (try to not cry, I dare you), enjoy your family and have a fantastic New Year!!