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Friday, November 20, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings

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Recently, my world has taken a huge turn. It feels as if everything that I have been stressing over and clinging too has been released.

  My goal in life is to try and always be both kind and strong. But sometimes there are forces in the world that bear down on us until it is so hard to stay kind and strong, and you have a choice. You can either be bitter or you can let go of what is tearing you down. So I managed to let it go.

  I am very nervous about the future, but I have been through so much in the past that I know I can fix anything, make it through and depend on the support that I have around me.

  I am a very spiritual person, I believe in the energy of the earth that can heal us. In the spirits around us that try to guide us. In the fact that we have free will and that is what causes most of the suffering in our world. I also believe that through meditation and self-love, we can be more kind and loving to those around us. More calm and considerate and a better human being.

  This is the person that I want to be, and who I want to cultivate. Don't get me wrong, I am a very passionate person and can get very angry. I get tired and frustrated. But I want to be a better person. I want to heal myself.

  I see these posts on Facebook, in which people talk about finding that person that will hug them so tight their broken pieces are fixed. But the truth is that we need to do this work on ourselves. We need to reframe our stories from victims to survivors and warriors. If we're not willing to do this work on ourselves, we will never be happy, and we all deserve to be able to find that core to ourselves that is not suffering or happy, but just is. When you find that core it can reverberate throughout your entire body and you are simply whole.

This New Year will have so many new beginnings for me. My over-arching goals are very simple right now.
  1. Stay Kind and Wise
  2. One Step at a Time
  3. Cherish myself.
The Pagan New Year, Yule, is coming. What this means is that it is a symbolic rebirth of the sun, which of course we will need throughout the cold winter seasons. But this year I love that word, rebirth.

  As a Libra, I crave harmony. Any disharmony in my life creates such pain for me, and the longer the disharmony exists, the tougher a time I have of it.

So this coming year, my goal is create harmony in my life, with my family, as best I can. And when I mean have harmony, I mean generally have kind intentions, open words, and open arms. This is all that I've ever wanted and I truly believe that the groundwork that I have laid down, over the past year or two of work on myself through Buddhism (specifically Pema Chodron)and HeatherAsh Amara will be a good grounding for these efforts.

  Stay tuned for my etsy shop to be opening up again! :)