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Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Thanksgiving Survival Projects

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Thanksgiving is over, I hope that you all survived the turkey day and being with family. Sometimes it can be hard if you do not feel accepted and sometimes it can be hard because it can be very overwhelming. 

  Every year I do the whole turkey thing, just for my mother, husband and kids. But I still stress out that it will be messed up, that the turkey will be under-done, over-done.. That someone will say something cruel and probably not even realize it, thinking they are funny or supportive in some way. The fact is that no one has ever helped me clean up (which is absolutely going to change as the girls get older). 

  But this year is over, the turkey was yummy, the mashed potatoes were okay, and everything else was done. The store-bought apple pie was actually freaking awesome, I have to say (Walmart, thank you). 

Life still goes on as I look through my patterns for things to put on my etsy shop in the new year. I have picked up the Water Shawl, designed by Erica Jackofsky, again to finish it. This shawl is knitted with yarn from Celestial Strings Yarn on etsy and I am truly enjoying it! The color is much deeper/darker than it appears.

  The other night (before Thanksgiving) I was also playing with some yarn I received from knitpicks.com  (Palette) and made an ornament. Pattern is from Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments by Julie Williams. The stocking is knit flat so it gave me a good lesson in how to do fairisle color work (on a very small scale) on the purl side, which is surprisingly easy when I don't have to worry about catching the yarns :P. So yay!!

  Then I started working on my daughter's celtic owl pullover, this is an original design that I'm working on, now that the celtic part is done, the owls are up next and so far everything is going along swimmingly. Hopefully it fits her haha. I'm also knitting this with knitpicks yarn, Swish in worsted weight. The charts that I am working off of are all from pinterest, so I suppose that means that I am officially indoctrinated in the usefulness of pinterest, I was doubting it up until now.

Does anyone else with they had thought of this? I could have brought my square swiper and everything...

With the holiday season coming, we all have a great deal on our plates, and for some of us the holidays are extremely hard and anxiety-driven (yup I definitely am up there). We can even feel like this:

So keep in mind that the season will pass, and everything will be fine. We can do this!!

Much love and shop local folks!