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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Finished Sweater, Xmas, and NANOWRIMO Madness

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A little Christmas is coming levity haha.

This will be a very short post, mostly because the news I have is simple. I finished the Walking Cats Sweater by Elizabeth Lovick. My daughter loves it, but of course the weather is too warm for her to enjoy it (oddly haha).  But I loved using the knitpicks.com swish dk for this project, in Honey and Bark. And my older daughter wants one next!

 Once I finished this, the wind out of my knitting sails kind of deflated out so I should probably just work on my mother's afghan when I'm home. She would love to have that finished at some point (pictures to come later this week or early next week).

  I may purposefully post less this month because I'm working on nanowrimo.org or national novel writing month (November), and I'm enjoying tackling it. Would be awesome to have 50k in words done by the end of the month, but I have some catching up to do, so wish me luck!!

  Take care of yourself this week, my friends. Much love and much caring. Remember to give yourself a break, relax instead of tense up, and remember that whatever you are going through will pass. *hug*.