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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"She Done Gone Crazy"

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Well, it is official. This week I feel as if I've done gone crazy, but I have a theory about this. The theory is that the past few weeks I have been really depressed, and have felt either numb or really tearful. Still feeling tearful but now feeling more irritated and angry.

This is a part of depression, keep in mind.

Depression is not always feeling numb and barely able to do things. Anger overlaps pain and can mask it. This often happens for men in particular and is a hallmark symptom in therapy for a man with anger management problems, it is very possible they are depressed.

That shirt is so perfect.

Anyway, I have been trucking along with the xmas presents. The slipper socks are almost knitted and I want to get something on the soles so that my mother doesn't kill herself walking in them in the middle of the night.

Here is a fantastic article that outlines 7 ways to make socks/slippers no-slip. Thank you mooglyblog.com!

Not a single holiday gift is finished, and yet I am already looking forward to feeding my crafting ADD. "Pattern?"

 But no! I will withhold my urges (if not my mountain dew addiction) and finish these holiday gifts. Two are almost done. So four more to go.. I think. Where is my list?

Seriously, can you see how addle-brained I've been lately? I do believe that more meditation is on the menu.

In other fun news, next month starts another month of nanowrimo.org, this is national novel writing month (November). This year I am setting aside my novelette and will be attempting to write another story idea that has been tapping my shoulder, in the same world. My problem is not coming up with story ideas but developing the plot and what the hell happens in the end.

This is ironic as I cannot stand reading mystery novels because the suspense kills me. I need to know what happens. So out comes the rare pad of paper with the question to be answered is: What will happen to my main character? What is the point?

Wish me luck!

Be Well and Stay in Touch!


P.S.  Thank you so much for the 10,000 page views on this blog. You all totally rock it!!