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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Huge Shawls, New Projects and Broken Blankets

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   My daughter's colored that in on my cell phone. Well, one of them.. And it's cute so here it is haha. Not necessarily knitting related, but I'll take what I can get since I'm feeling more like this:


I have been slowly coming down from Rhinebeck (I was super excited leading up to it), then yesterday my mother fell and so I stayed home from work to make sure she was okay and take care of my youngest daughter (my mother is okay, thank you :D). By the end of the day I was in so much pain my sore feet from Rhinebeck were but a mere faint memory. It seemed my monthly period had decided to come in with a vengeance, a cruel vengeance.

  But besides enjoying the day with my awesome daughter (and catching up on a few things on cable), I finished the Squall Line Shawl, designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill (my oh so talented silver sister) !!! And I absolutely love it. The photos absolutely do not do this shawl justice and I am in love with knitting shawls with worsted weight yarn. Over sized shawls are absolutely the best and my favorite kind of shawl, hands down!

I know, poor picture, but I just love this shawl so much that I happily started another worsted weight shawl named Knitwitch, designed by the same individual. The pattern itself was designed for fingering weight, and is not super small so I am anticipating it being nice and big and am using 2 skeins of Miss Babs Yowza in colorway Ammo for the project (the colorway is knitting up like my hair haha) and knitting with size 9 US circular knitting needles (Knitters Pride Dreams fixed circulars).

Again, my camera is just not cutting it lately, but I'll work on that. This will be soo cool once it is soaked and blocked.  The yarn is soft, and smooth and lovely to knit with. Each skein comes in 560 yards so it's a nice bulk of yarn in one skein (which meant that I could not make it into a cake, but in a large ball).

My youngest has a small blanket that had a final mishap this weekend, so I will be reknitting this at some point. But this blanket is an example of certain stitch patterns that I do not use for children's blankets (not knocking the awesomeness that is this yarn or blanket, because my daughter loves it).

This pattern is generally called the butterfly stitch, because gathering up the stitches creates an image that looks like a butterfly, but little fingers and rough love can pull these out and, as in the case with this blanket, eventually they snap and you get holes. When I reknit this it will be straight stripes.

Another stitch type that I do not like to use for babies would be loose lace, such as I have up above in the Squall Line Shawl.

I never use ribbon, or buttons (if at all possible), nor very long I-cords. Pullovers, in my opinion, is preferable for safety and long term use. Though, in general, I dislike making baby clothes because of how fast children grow out of their clothes.

That is my opinion and those are my reasons, take them as you will. Little fingers and chewing sore gums will wear down buttons until they pop off and we don't want our sweet angels choking on anything.
Today's mental health advice of the day:
If you feel stressed, don't fight it, but accept it as if it was a back rub too hard and it is amazing how fast it disappears. Practice some self-love and laugh at yourself a little. Hug yourself a little.

Be well everyone, take it one stitch at a time. Stay tuned, because I will be reviewing the new Vogue Knitting Magazine soon!!