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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Full Moon, Self-Doubt and What's Up

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The world of blogging is interesting and I'm probably one of the most hesitant bloggers. I have spent so much of my life being showed that nothing I have to say is worth anything, so instead of posting what I had written yesterday, I simply saved it and walked away to just delete it this morning.

Monday night was one of my nights in which I cry for most of the night downstairs before dragging myself up to bed around 3:40am. There is nothing like depression and being an introvert that can make someone feel so alone. And so often people in our life will reinforce that by not responding with kindness but with cruelty (intentioned or not). So in the end, all we can sometimes do is hold on for the morning light.

Work yesterday was rough, but I made it through and last night I did not go to knitting night in my community, but stayed home and finished the sleeve on my daughter's Walking Cat Sweater. I just have to make my way down the torso now (boring straight stitch haha).

 Monday night, though I did see the new Supergirl show. Did anyone else catch that? I really enjoyed it and I caught up on this fall's Grey's Anatomy (so win).

Halloween is this weekend, so be safe everyone!!

November is coming up so you all may be hearing about my NANOWRIMO efforts, hehe. I will fail, I always do.

And I still have to take pictures of the Knitologie club yarns that I received last week.. Woops. I will do that tonight.. If I can get decent pictures.

Take care, and keep your head up!

Always yours,