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Monday, October 26, 2015

Fair Isle Knitting Fun and Tips

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  This weekend was chock-full of fair isle knitting. I have been late in getting started a sweater for my 4 year old, while my 8 year old has been enjoying her Leksak sweater this fall. So after much dithering I finally found the perfect sweater, and no my 8 year old wants a version of it too haha. I picked the Walking Cat Sweater by Elizabeth Lovick, which I realized had no projects listed (I am still the only one). I am using knitpicks.com Swish DK yarn and am absolutely loving it. The small needles are creating a slightly denser fabric than I am used to, but I'm on gauge (amazingly) and having a great time with this.

Here is some of my progress:

Many photos haha.

As you can see, I'm almost done with the second sleeve, than I put the torso stitches back on the needles and work my way down the last part. I chose this pattern for a few reasons:
1) The kittens are cute
2) It requires dk weight (which is the yarn I have)
3) It felt right
4) I think it will be cute on my daughter.

Fair Isle, or colorwork can be intimidating, I know that it has been for me in the past. For much of my knitting history, I have been an thrower, or English style. Over the past year, pain has pushed me to learn how to knit continental style and this came to be a great help with this project as I could hold a color in each hand!

Some great pictures and advice can be found here: Knitpicks Fair Isle Tutorial. As you can see from my picture above of the wrong side of my daughter's sleeve, I was trying very hard to make the floats as short as possible, to prevent little fingers catching in them. And yet, I had less puckering than I usually did, which I attribute to holding a color in each hand and having loose tension in the color (in my left hand) which was the one I was carrying. Does that make sense?

This project pretty much took over my weekend, though I did manage to get some cleaning in (haha). No really. :P.

Something else I have to say for this pattern is that it is very adjustable, and I do not anticipate having any problem using this base for a sweater for my 8 year old and using a different colorwork pattern, possibly of my own design.

In general, I'm pretty baffled as to why this pattern does not have more projects listed. It is not a free pattern, but it is only $4.69 American and that is pretty reasonable for a sweater, in my honest opinion.

I'll keep you up to date, for when I finish it, I expect this weekend. But be well folks, keep your head up and keep stitching. I know that I did not want to wake up this morning. Definitely needed an extra day and Halloween is coming. Maybe my 8 year old will get a version of this sweater for xmas lol.

Always yours!