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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Water & Air MKAL's and September Stuff

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Most of the depression has lifted, or perhaps, my ability to break through my clouds is a little better. Still having trouble sleeping from time to time and concentrating. Almost lost $50 this past weekend, and I am usually more observant than that. My husband actually mentioned his worrying about me having possible dementia (half joking), and I did not tell him it was mostly from the numbness of depression. The emptiness.

  But on that cheery note, welcome to September and the awesomeness of kids going back to school. And the sadness that they are officially a year older. My oldest entered 3rd grade this year and is excited to meet her teacher, which I will be honest with you.. She did not stay for the evening session of meet the teacher and see your school (open house before school started), which did not endear her to me. But here is my adorable 8 year old on her first day of 3rd grade.

This past long weekend, I really did knit entirely too much and my elbow was screaming at me last night.. Which may have been part of the reason I couldn't sleep. So no knitting today (wish me luck). I did manage to get through clue 2 of the Water MKAL (which isn't such a mystery anymore haha), designed by Erica Jackofsky (fiddleknits). I cannot wait until next month when we start the Air MKAL and I have my yarn all ready (still debating beads).

So here is my progress thus far on Water (yarn is Celestial Strings Yarn Merino Bamboo yarn (you seriously need to check out her stuff, it is sooo beautiful!!), fingering weight, custom dye):

And here is the yarn I will be using for Air (kind of like stormy skies) (yarn is Knitpicks Gloss Lace, which is a merino silk mix, lace weight in Sterling colorway):

Be well, folks. Take it one day at a time. Take each breath at a time. We're really not alone, but all connected. It is our society that is making us feel disconnected. Hug more, run less, and remember that we are all suffering but we shall all get through this. Together. So pick up those needles and take it one stitch at a time!