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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On Keeping Focused and Three Top Tips for Mental Illness Survival

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  Today I took it upon myself to do a few things, besides work really hard at work. I emailed my resume to a few places local to where I live about Licensed Mental Health Counselor positions that may come up. My county does not actually hire LMHC's to do therapy, as a county job, they only hire Social Workers. This is due to some confusion about whether LMHC's can bill Medicaid (they can) a few years ago. Anywho (just say it, it makes sense), that led to the county not changing their job eligible descriptions and me not being able to work locally.

  I loved my internship. I mean loved it. I loved the local people, especially the college aged folks that came in. That time period is my favorite, when you have so many choices and there can be so much confusion and surprise at how the world is really not like the fishbowl that high school was, but it is too. There is probably no job I would be more passionate about than working at a college as a counselor, just heaven. Well, wish me luck as they aren't even hiring, just putting my resume out there for the future.

   In other news, how about a sneak peak for all my readers out there into my self-help book on how to use knitting to help cope with mental illness symptoms.

  1.  Compassion: When you have a mental illness, we spend so much time beating ourselves up. So give yourself a break, a physical and mental hug and tell yourself that it is okay. Every day you make it is a success. Sometimes, every breath.
  2. Reaching Out: Do not get me wrong, I absolutely suck at this. And yes, sometimes people will turn you away but it is either because they are so damaged they do not know how to be anything but an asshole or they simply do not know how to respond. You are not attention-seeking to reach out, you are trying to make connections and these are sorely needed in our society.
  3. Keep Going: Never give up. And I do not mean, do not give yourself mental health days, and do not reach out for help when it becomes overwhelming. I mean, be kind to yourself and reach out to others, but make sure that you also keep on trucking through each breath. If all we feel we have to give to the world is a smile, than do so. Remove the people in your world who make you feel bad, that is okay to do! And keep plodding until you are walking and until you are dancing. Life is an ocean and the waves will come no matter what we do.
Much love and many hugs!