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Friday, August 14, 2015

Fall 2015 Knitting Magazine Review:Vogue Knitting & Interweave Knits

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Happy Friday!!!

I have a doozy of a blog post for you, with a review of both the Fall 2015 Interweave Knits & Vogue Knitting magazines.

I will start with my least favorite, which I ironically have the most to say about:

Vogue Knitting: Fall 2015

Initial impressions were actually very high. The cover is very sturdy, almost more like a paperback book (or more sturdy). The articles (there are several) are interesting, and as usual this wonderful magazine lists the yarn weights with the patterns (just love that, helps so much with substitutions).

VK Fav's:

V-Neck Vest by Patty Lyons (DK Weight)

  I like this vest because of the cables and the look of the pattern in the center. This is definitely something I may make for work. It is right up my alley! The yarn requested is Rowan Felted Tweed, which I have not tried (mostly due to finances haha). I have considered playing with this pattern with a worsted alpaca/wool mixture that I have on hand, so I will let you know if I get around to that.

Winged Triangle Shawl by Tania Richter (doubleknit in sport weight yarn)

First of all, it is doubleknitted (which is just so much fun). Second of all, it is a set of wings so I really feel I must make it.. but maybe in worsted to make it nice and huge. Could be nice to drape around myself while I sit in my recliner knitting during the colder months. Big enough that I could wrap it around me and the kids would be nice, if my seven year old daughter doesn't steal it. Charts included.

Double-Knit Beanie by Alasdair Post-Quinn (DK weight hat in doubleknit fun)

     This is a very cool hat, and I think would be a fun knit for either a man/boy or woman/girl. Designed by Alasdair Post-Quinn, who is the knitting worlds god of doubleknitting with his book Extreme Double-Knitting. He also teaches a class on it on craftsy.com.

To wrap up Vogue Knitting magazine, Fall 2015, there were only 3 patterns out of 28 that I would want to make. The rest look awkward, not too comfortable and absolutely not my style. But the articles are fantastic.. So I suppose I need to say what my grandmother told me when I found a Playboy in her house when I was a pre-teen. "I just have it for the articles. " (haha miss you grandma!)

Interweave Knit: Fall 2015

 I make no bones about it, this is my favorite knitting magazine. There are a few interesting articles and the clothing is almost always something I would love to make and wear cover to cover. Some of my favorite things about this one would be the huge two (what I call) prairie shawls, and I really want to make them. 
IK Side Note:
  Before I go further, I do want to address a complaint that I heard in a knitting group on facebook about the pattern on the cover. The pattern on the cover is a pullover called Tucker Sweater and it is designed by Amanda Scheuzger. The complaint was that the sweater is a direct copy (besides the change from a cardigan to a pullover) from a sweater that was on the cover of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang that was on the cover of the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits magazine. 
   First of all, Eunny's cardigan are beautiful, but she did not invent horizontal cables with that cardigan. I do not know who did but Elsebeth Lavold wrote about horizontal cables on page 34 of her Viking Patterns for Knitting, published in 1998 (as an example of pre-2007 horizontal cable discussion). 
  Second of all, the cables themselves are completely different. A pattern only has to be 30% (or so) different from another in the United States, so this is not plagiarism. 

IK Fav's:
But on to my top favorite patterns in this magazine, in order just from front to back from where you can find them in the book.

Wonderlake Shawl by Amy Gunderson

Made in worsted, I just adore the nature of the large shawl. That looks like something I could wrap around me and my daughter. The only thing wrong with it are the nupps in the middle.. Because I hate them haha. but otherwise it truly is beautiful! Remember that only wool will block out with something like to reveal the lace this nice. (Sorry my acrylic lovers)

Squall Line Shawl by Rosemary (Romi) Hill (who has fantastic gray hair like me) 

   I mean, look at that lace loveliness and what a beautiful edging. Just love these large beautiful shawls. According to the magazine interview they did with the designer, she will have more lovely stuff in her book "New Lace Knitting: Designs for Wide Open Spaces", sooo woot! I really want to make this... Doubt I can afford the malabrigo worsted listed, but I'll find a middle ground!

Cotswold Henley by Meghan Babin

  This made my favorite list for the simple fact that to me it looks like a timeless favorite for that special man in your life! The pattern's chest (with 2 3/4" of positive ease) goes up to 52 1/4" in chest, which isn't too bad, but I'm sure you could do the math for larger if you needed too. It's just a calm and easy pattern for a guy. Nice patterning.. An all around classic. My husband may find this for him some xmas morning.

Wrap Up:
  To wrap up, I really do prefer Interweave Knits, but Vogue Knitting has points that I wish Interweave Knits. A sturdier cover (my IK is already bent) and a label for yarn weight for each pattern like VK does.

  I hope you all enjoyed this, and are enjoying these magazines, I know I am! For after all, we must knit all the things and be awesome doing it, because we are awesome! :D

Be Well!