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Friday, July 17, 2015

Selfish Knitter.. Or Not.

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Do you knit for other people more than you knit for yourself?

Or do you knit for yourself mostly?

I knit for enjoyment, and mostly for myself, but it is mostly due to the fact that the stress of whether or not someone will like what I knit/crochet for them. Rather than worry about this, I simply knit whatever I think is beautiful and if some of them end up being gifts, which they do, then so be it.

The past few weeks have been so strange, and it has definitely been a challenge to focus. So the goal has been to stay focused on the Deloverly poncho (which is lovely and growing beautifully) and swatching for a few future projects (husbands sweater and the Triticum sweater).

On another plus side, I have entered the Arts & Crafts competition at my local county fair this year. I am both super excited and super nervous about (super right?). But really.. That fear of criticism again. Maybe I should work on that, but oh wait! I'm sensitive and shy, damn. Anyway... (weird mood today much?).

Some pictures of what I'm submitting for judgment (drum roll, no hanging rope or guns please). The first is crocheted, the rest are knitted. No pattern or link for the first.. It was from a magazine and I did not document it on my ravelry account. The second is Outlander, the third is Tignish, the fourth is Ode, and the last is Earth.

Be well!!