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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reading "Lonely" and Plugging Along

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Afternoon and welcome to July.

Still plugging away on the following tasks: writing my Harpy Story, knitting my poncho, and getting ready to submit some of my handcrafted clothing to the Schoharie County Sunshine Fair Arts and Crafts competition.

That's not too bad, it's nice to know that the older I get the more I'm able to keep plugging no matter how depressed I am, and this isn't too bad, just something that is lingering like the rain that has fallen for so long here in upstate NY.

My daughter drew me a picture of her, Abby (my youngest) and me with wings, which reminded me so much of my Harpy story haha. My sweet little harpy children lol.

I have also been reading a memoir called "Lonely" by Emily White. Here is the thing about depression, it will not make me feel more depressed to read this book. In fact, the book is about chronic loneliness, which is so often mistaken for depression. If we think about it, do we know the difference between loneliness and depression, and have we ever thought about loneliness as chronic?

There are times when I feel lonely for long periods of time since I was a teenager and have chucked it up to chronic depression, but depression is often the absence of feeling, while loneliness is (to me) is like being in a crowded room and not making connections with others (or worrying that I'm not).

The book is much more than a memoir with personal experiences, though there is that. It also includes studies and discussions with other individuals who suffer from chronic loneliness. The book outlines how individuals who suffer from loneliness do not lack social skills. Long term loneliness can cause major health problems and other mental health problems, such as social anxiety.

Do you suffer from loneliness?

Do you think that knitting or crocheting makes loneliness worse/better?

If you do suffer from loneliness, for how long have you felt that way?

I want to know.

And what are you working on this summer?

Are you having trouble working with yarn due to the heat?

Much love!!