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Monday, July 27, 2015

County Fairs, Mermaid Tails and Sleeves Galore

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  Is anyone happy it is Monday? I am determined to have a good week, because I am taking so much of next week off for the county fair. I did submit a few items and I am super excited (and nervous). I will take pictures of them on Saturday at the fair and let you know how I did.

  In other news, I am crocheting again. Both of my beautiful daughters were born in August and recently, a crocheted pattern for a mermaid sack blanket has been making the rounds through the Facebook Groups, and many of my friends. So, I decided to make each of my daughters a mermaid sack blanket for their birthdays.

  The first blanket was started on Saturday, with my youngest going first as her birthday is first, and beside my distaste of the slipped stitches in one section, it has been fun!

Mermaid Sack Blanket by CrochetByJennifer on Etsy.

It is adorable, fun, and a good project for someone who has been away from crocheting for over a year.

   What made it even better was that my 3 year old (soon to be 4) would come up to me every few minutes and ask me if her mermaid tail was done haha.

  My sleeves on the Stasis Pullover by Leila Raabe have been coming along swimmingly!! I finished the colorwork at the wrists/forearm and am working on the increases. The yarn from Knitpicks.com is sooo soft (Stroll tweed, fingering weight).

  I have absolutely decided that during the summer, my favorite type of yarn to use is fingering. During the winter, it is easier to knit with worsted and heavier. :D

  This week is not feeling all that fantastic, but rather too high stressful. Whether it's because the full moon is this Friday or some other reason, I hope we all make it through the week safely and with our sanity basically intact.

Gird yourselves with your Bungee Cord of SANITY!!!


Be Well!