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Monday, July 20, 2015

Artist Interview: Erin Kate Archer

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Interview with Erin Kate Archer
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1) How long have you been painting?
 This is a hard question, basically forever! I’ve loved drawing & painting & all sorts of fine arts since I was really little.

2) How long have you been knitting?
I’ve been knitting for about 8 years now, my friends & I took it up in high school !


3) How did you get the idea to combine the two?
It happened very organically. A friend & I have been doing a painting-a-week challenge (if you follow me on instagram @ekatearcher you’ll see them!) and I always like to find a way to make the word of the week fit my style of light & magical things. One of the words of the week was “sharp” & I had been on a seascape painting spree so I did sharp knitting needles knitting up a seascape !

4) What inspires you most?
I’m definitely inspired by nature even though that’s a cliche. I love the water but I also love running outside with my dog & there are lots of beautiful things out there! I’m also really inspired by colors. I absolutely adore gold & pale blue & will make a painting just to use new paints in those colors !

5) Who inspires you most?
Anyone who can give me a challenge. I’ve definitely had some challenges with the painting of the week & that can be really inspiring. I also find the knitting community (especially the knit & chat group on Facebook!) to be really enthusiastic & inspiring.

6) What are you working on right now?
Knitting-wise? I’m designing a silk tee (there’s a sneak peek on my blog
www.ekatearcher.com if you’re interested!) in my favorite pale blue !

Painting-wise? I’m still working on my knitted landscape series, there are a few more ideas bouncing around !


7) What is your favorite work of art (can be knitting and or painting)?
Oh this is an impossible question as I love so many different kinds of art but I’ve always loved the gorgeous knit graffiti with complex lace webbing over trees & stones. It is always so impressive and attention grabbing !

Erin Kate Archer is a seriously sweet lady, and her art is beautiful. She is definitely a force to watch for!!

Be Well and Happy Monday!