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Monday, July 27, 2015

County Fairs, Mermaid Tails and Sleeves Galore

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  Is anyone happy it is Monday? I am determined to have a good week, because I am taking so much of next week off for the county fair. I did submit a few items and I am super excited (and nervous). I will take pictures of them on Saturday at the fair and let you know how I did.

  In other news, I am crocheting again. Both of my beautiful daughters were born in August and recently, a crocheted pattern for a mermaid sack blanket has been making the rounds through the Facebook Groups, and many of my friends. So, I decided to make each of my daughters a mermaid sack blanket for their birthdays.

  The first blanket was started on Saturday, with my youngest going first as her birthday is first, and beside my distaste of the slipped stitches in one section, it has been fun!

Mermaid Sack Blanket by CrochetByJennifer on Etsy.

It is adorable, fun, and a good project for someone who has been away from crocheting for over a year.

   What made it even better was that my 3 year old (soon to be 4) would come up to me every few minutes and ask me if her mermaid tail was done haha.

  My sleeves on the Stasis Pullover by Leila Raabe have been coming along swimmingly!! I finished the colorwork at the wrists/forearm and am working on the increases. The yarn from Knitpicks.com is sooo soft (Stroll tweed, fingering weight).

  I have absolutely decided that during the summer, my favorite type of yarn to use is fingering. During the winter, it is easier to knit with worsted and heavier. :D

  This week is not feeling all that fantastic, but rather too high stressful. Whether it's because the full moon is this Friday or some other reason, I hope we all make it through the week safely and with our sanity basically intact.

Gird yourselves with your Bungee Cord of SANITY!!!


Be Well!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Five Pattern Writing Rules

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Pattern writing is a topic that I have brushed up on, with my own efforts to design, and a pretty decent rule of thumb is to look at published patterns that you find easy to use. To me there is a decent format.

1) A picture of the finished product that the knitter will achieve if they follow the directions of your pattern. It is important to have a picture that is exactly as your pattern dictates, not a finished object that has differences.

The reason for this is that you will get emails from those of us that can read knitting on a finished object. If you start a border early on the sides of a poncho, but the pattern does not reflect this? It may be a problem.

2) Gauge guide listed. What I mean by this is, how many stitches and row per 4 inches did you achieve to get the shape and design?
This is important because not everyone knits the same way.
3) How much yarn you used, what kind of yarn you used, needle sizes and any other extra items you used to make the item (stitch markers and cable needle, for example).
This is important because some people like to use the exact yarn in a project, they may want to use more yarn. And according to gauge, they may need to change needle sizes.

4) Now I can read both written and charts, but stick with one or the other or both. If you have both written for the body but just a chart for the border, why?
Consistency is so important. Because really, a little effort goes a long way to receiving less emails.
5) Finally, how about item measurements? How big is the finished item.
Though in a great world I would also love the measurements pre-blocked and post-blocked. (I know you know what I mean).
That isn't bad. 5 general rules of items that should be in a pattern. Though I could add that you should have it test-knitted, it is easy to find individuals who are willing to do so on ravelry or on facebook in one of the facebook pages for knitters. A second set of eyes on a pattern is helpful, if you are afraid of being criticized than you are probably in the wrong business (though I totally know that feeling, we still need those second set of eyes, so brace yourself for corrections).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Artist Interview: Erin Kate Archer

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Interview with Erin Kate Archer
Blog: Erin Kate Archer
Etsy Shop: ekatearcher
Instagram: @ekatearcher

1) How long have you been painting?
 This is a hard question, basically forever! I’ve loved drawing & painting & all sorts of fine arts since I was really little.

2) How long have you been knitting?
I’ve been knitting for about 8 years now, my friends & I took it up in high school !


3) How did you get the idea to combine the two?
It happened very organically. A friend & I have been doing a painting-a-week challenge (if you follow me on instagram @ekatearcher you’ll see them!) and I always like to find a way to make the word of the week fit my style of light & magical things. One of the words of the week was “sharp” & I had been on a seascape painting spree so I did sharp knitting needles knitting up a seascape !

4) What inspires you most?
I’m definitely inspired by nature even though that’s a cliche. I love the water but I also love running outside with my dog & there are lots of beautiful things out there! I’m also really inspired by colors. I absolutely adore gold & pale blue & will make a painting just to use new paints in those colors !

5) Who inspires you most?
Anyone who can give me a challenge. I’ve definitely had some challenges with the painting of the week & that can be really inspiring. I also find the knitting community (especially the knit & chat group on Facebook!) to be really enthusiastic & inspiring.

6) What are you working on right now?
Knitting-wise? I’m designing a silk tee (there’s a sneak peek on my blog
www.ekatearcher.com if you’re interested!) in my favorite pale blue !

Painting-wise? I’m still working on my knitted landscape series, there are a few more ideas bouncing around !


7) What is your favorite work of art (can be knitting and or painting)?
Oh this is an impossible question as I love so many different kinds of art but I’ve always loved the gorgeous knit graffiti with complex lace webbing over trees & stones. It is always so impressive and attention grabbing !

Erin Kate Archer is a seriously sweet lady, and her art is beautiful. She is definitely a force to watch for!!

Be Well and Happy Monday!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Selfish Knitter.. Or Not.

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Do you knit for other people more than you knit for yourself?

Or do you knit for yourself mostly?

I knit for enjoyment, and mostly for myself, but it is mostly due to the fact that the stress of whether or not someone will like what I knit/crochet for them. Rather than worry about this, I simply knit whatever I think is beautiful and if some of them end up being gifts, which they do, then so be it.

The past few weeks have been so strange, and it has definitely been a challenge to focus. So the goal has been to stay focused on the Deloverly poncho (which is lovely and growing beautifully) and swatching for a few future projects (husbands sweater and the Triticum sweater).

On another plus side, I have entered the Arts & Crafts competition at my local county fair this year. I am both super excited and super nervous about (super right?). But really.. That fear of criticism again. Maybe I should work on that, but oh wait! I'm sensitive and shy, damn. Anyway... (weird mood today much?).

Some pictures of what I'm submitting for judgment (drum roll, no hanging rope or guns please). The first is crocheted, the rest are knitted. No pattern or link for the first.. It was from a magazine and I did not document it on my ravelry account. The second is Outlander, the third is Tignish, the fourth is Ode, and the last is Earth.

Be well!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reading "Lonely" and Plugging Along

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Afternoon and welcome to July.

Still plugging away on the following tasks: writing my Harpy Story, knitting my poncho, and getting ready to submit some of my handcrafted clothing to the Schoharie County Sunshine Fair Arts and Crafts competition.

That's not too bad, it's nice to know that the older I get the more I'm able to keep plugging no matter how depressed I am, and this isn't too bad, just something that is lingering like the rain that has fallen for so long here in upstate NY.

My daughter drew me a picture of her, Abby (my youngest) and me with wings, which reminded me so much of my Harpy story haha. My sweet little harpy children lol.

I have also been reading a memoir called "Lonely" by Emily White. Here is the thing about depression, it will not make me feel more depressed to read this book. In fact, the book is about chronic loneliness, which is so often mistaken for depression. If we think about it, do we know the difference between loneliness and depression, and have we ever thought about loneliness as chronic?

There are times when I feel lonely for long periods of time since I was a teenager and have chucked it up to chronic depression, but depression is often the absence of feeling, while loneliness is (to me) is like being in a crowded room and not making connections with others (or worrying that I'm not).

The book is much more than a memoir with personal experiences, though there is that. It also includes studies and discussions with other individuals who suffer from chronic loneliness. The book outlines how individuals who suffer from loneliness do not lack social skills. Long term loneliness can cause major health problems and other mental health problems, such as social anxiety.

Do you suffer from loneliness?

Do you think that knitting or crocheting makes loneliness worse/better?

If you do suffer from loneliness, for how long have you felt that way?

I want to know.

And what are you working on this summer?

Are you having trouble working with yarn due to the heat?

Much love!!