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Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Flu And Still Knitting

This weekend was supposed to be full of posting fliers in anticipating of this Saturday's World Wide Knit in Public Day! I'm hosting the one in Cobleskill, and it's going to be so much fun!

Instead, last Thursday what I thought was a bad cold hit me and by Friday night I was suffering from fevers. Not high, but high enough to give me chills and lots of sweats. They also messed with my dreams, which turned into either what I was watching that day (a lot of Star Trek Voyager on Netflix, like a binge-level type of "a lot" haha) or what I was reading (apparently, reading Ape House by Sara Gruen is not smart when you're sick).

Though I was too sick to knit on Friday and Saturday morning, I began to feel incrementally better and pushed through to finish the Mares' Tale Shawl that came from Poststitch.com last month. So woot on that account, two WIP's down; Mares Tale Shawl and the Earth Shawl from Fiddle Knits.

No, they have not been blocked, I do not know when they will be blocked as my last weekend I was in no condition to keep my cats from them while they dried (and I have an idea for that) and I only can block one item at a time.

Ironically, my husband is worried about the pain in my arm so kept bugging me to stop. I wonder if he thinks it will fall off. If it falls off, I wonder if I could get RPI to design a knitting bionic arm? Hmm :D

An update on that:

   Friday, I went to a chiropractor out of desperation and he told me that my spine was great, but that I likely have tendonitis in my right shoulder, elbow, and wrist (on top of the carpal tunnel he also agreed with). Yay right? So yesterday I have continental knitting another try (I'm a thrower) and it made the pain worse, so I stopped. I need a crocheting project..

  Anywho, I've plucked Wednesday from my days I can knit. So now I can only knit on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This leaves nice spaces for my arm to heal, and it does actually feel much better.

More to come.. with pictures next time. Promise. Brain.. shutting... down... zzzzzzzzzzz