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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Webs Tent Sale Awesomeness

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   So Webs Yarn Store is in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is a beautiful store with a back room full of racks of yarn, like a warehouse, and a front room full of what looks like a normal yarn store.
  On this past Saturday and Sunday (May 16-17th) there was a tent sale out front. Quite literally.
  This tent included boxes of sale yarn from $2.50 a skein (which I grabbed 21 skeins of cream yarn for my mother, as she requested. She's excited to crochet an afghan with them) up to $12.50 a skein. The yarn ranged from at least fingering to bulky and was so much fun to go through.

   I managed to scrounge yarn for several projects, here is my fun picture of all my yarn all together on my recliner (aka knitting sanctuary and cuddle space with my kids and cats).
Berroco Vintage Worsted (52% acrylic, 40% wool, 8% nylon) in light grey and red (and one in pink for my daughter). This is what I'll be making with them:
  1. The light grey (smoke) is for a sweater my husband wants called Men's Sloppy Joe (he finally picked one!!). I'm doing it in the largest size and have plenty of yarn to do it with.
  2. The red (black cherry) is for a tunic for myself (work clothes) called Briar Rose Tunic from an Interweave Knits magazine (Winter 2011). Definitely will do it long, but debating on whether or not to add longer sleeves.
Monte Donegal worsted (40% alpaca, 40$ merino wool, 14% acrylic and 6% rayon) in mustard.
  1. I was looking specifically for a yarn to do the Heliopath Vest (for work again). Can you tell I need work clothes? It's cold in my office all year around. This will be a fun cabled vest!

Berroco Folio (dk/fingering) (65% superfine alpaca  and 35% rayon) in a dark charcoal.
  1. This was a maybe to find on my list of what to look for at Webs, and the price was right, so I grabbed it for Trillium. This is a beautiful shawl from the latest Interweave Knits magazine (Summer 2015). Though the yarn is categorized online as a dk, it is so thin and soft that I am going to use it anyway. I also made sure to grab extra just in case, so I should be golden to make it with this pattern.

I also picked up some cotton which I would like to use to crochet a summer vest, so we'll see how that goes. :D Maybe I'll design it.

The drive to Massachusetts is long and a group of my knitting night ladies went in two cars. As usual, I take my list and powershop my way through the store. After an hour I'm done and I simply sit myself down out front and begin to work on my Mares' Tails Shawl, making many ladies (and one baby) smile at me haha.

One kind lady took a picture of me for her knitting group (and two of the bags above were for my mother!). The banana was yummy, and sat beside me until I had a moment to run inside to throw it away.

After much fun shopping, and sitting out front enjoying the sun (80's), breeze and many super friendly knitting and crocheting ladies shopping for yarn deals, we all went to FitzWilly's for lunch and I had a fantastic meal called Croque Monsieur (and no I did not say the first word right of my meal). It was ham and swiss grilled with bread and covered with a cheese sauce, fries were placed inside it and it was soo delicious.

Finally, we headed home and though foot-weary, I believe we all had a great day. Good conversation in the car and a fun day shopping (which is always fun!). If you didn't go this year, I hope to see you there next year!

Be well and keep on stitching!!