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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Poststitch Giveaway & Summer 2015 Interweave Knits Magazine Favorites!

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So first things first. :D Yes I'm having the most amazing giveaway!! Thank you so much to the folks at Poststitch for being so awesome and donating this!

The prize is 1 free month delivery of a Poststitch box (your choice of Bigstitch or Sockstitch). These are pictures from the last two that I have received and I am in heaven!!!! 

May 2015 BigStitch Delivery

April 2015 BigStitch Delivery
All you have to do to enter the contest is go to the Poststitch Facebook page to get the question and post the answer on my Knitting Tangled Yarns Facebook Page post for this blog. On May 20th, I will randomly pull the winner! So simple!

Interweave Knits Magazine Favorites (Summer 2015):
Next, I want to do a review of my favorite patterns from the most recent Interweave Knits magazine (Summer 2015). When I received this magazine, I was a little torn, because of a few things.
    1) This was a summer issue and there were sweaters patterns.. kind of odd.
    2) Several of the patterns have the note from www.shop.knittingdaily.com on the picture that a kit was available (not sure how I felt about this).
    3) As usual, each pattern was missing a plain description of what weight the yarn was that was used in the pattern. 

That being said, there were several patterns that I have fallen in love with! So front to back, here we go! (All pictures were taken by my cell phone from the magazine, so major credit goes to the photographers of the magazine!). 

Jubilee Kerchief

   I adore to cover my hair, and have done so for years! This beaded kerchief is just adorable and I definitely want to make a few! I would definitely use the crochet hook method to add beads. This was the first pattern to strike my interest and I found it absolutely charming! 

Phyllotaxis Hat
    This grabbed my eye for a few reasons. I love the lacework, and a friend had actually asked me recently for my suggestion on a good slouchy hat. It looks very cute and I would like to make one for this fall/winter in a nice warm yarn. (Remember folks, winter is always on it's way!)

Trillian Shawl

   This is such a beautiful shawl, love the lacework and would love to knit this up. It looks comfy. I'm favoring larger shawls, and this does not look like the type to just be around the neck.. Maybe for my work? It can get cold in those offices folks, even in the summer. Maybe even a present for a boss for Xmas (because as well as winter, Christmas is always coming haha).

Chesapeake Jacket

  This sweater interested me initially because of the waves, as I'm not a huge fan of the crabs (which have grown on me). But the more I look at this, the more I'm tempted. The yarn suggested/used is Malabrigo Rios, so maybe one day haha. What do you think?

Chrysler Cardigan

  The name confused me.. I just do not see Chrysler building at all, but that may be just me. I see beautiful structure colorwork, a nice fall sweater. Even the color combination is a big hit with me!

Remember to read the magazine from front to back because on the very last page is something that I can refer back to a past post about dream knitting trips/tours. "An Elf in the Mist: Two Knitters Hike in Iceland" is a cute short story and I am adoring all of it. All the way to the last few words "and we take out our knitting.". So make sure to check out this story.

Some people have complained about this magazine, but I enjoyed it and definitely found more than one or two knits I could do. So go pick it up if the spirit moves you! :D

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Be well!