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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finishing WIPS and Depression

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Sorry for the infrequent blogging, I was trying to blog twice a week, but between family colds getting passed around and my stress over my carpal tunnel diagnosis.. Well I've been too stressed and distracted to focus on a blog. But here I am and I'll let you know what I'm doing.

  I'm attempting to finish everything that is on my needles so that they do not haunt me while I'm recovering.

Specifically I'm working on:
Earth Shawl by Erica Jackofsky (Fiddle Knits), just finishing up the border. Using Wollelfe gradient yarn in Coffeebreak and I just love this stuff! :D

Mares' Tails by Katie Rempe, just 4 more repeats to go!

I've been really stressed out for various reasons, hence the lack of posts. I haven't heard anything about testing from my doctors office to prepare for my carpal tunnel pain, but I want to put it off until after June 13th as I'm getting the World Wide Knit/Crochet in Public event going in my home town, so really excited about that. 

   Even though the event is usually for knitters only, I'm changing it for my community because as someone who enjoys knitting and crocheting, I want to invite all to join me in town. There will be a Berry and Cream festival that day too so weather permitting, it should be an eventful and fun day. 

  Trying to keep my depression at bay is harder than usual these days, but I'm working on it. I find my sadness coming out easier in tears, but I'm managing to get through work, and solve some issues, but when I get home I am wiped and weekends are so tough. As a mom, there is no hole for me to crawl down, and as a trained therapist I know that though some downtime is good, someone who suffers from depression should keep on plodding along until the symptoms becomes easier to handle, which they always do. 

Chronic depression has it's waves, with dips and peaks. But if we train our thoughts to acknowledge that this will pass, and make sure that we surround ourselves with some happiness that we deserve, we get through it and it recedes (like the Hulk right? :-D).

  Ironically, I do not talk about depression in my home life as it's not something that has ever been encouraged in my family (family of origin, for those of you trained in therapy). But I will continue to write these blogs and say yes, I suffer from depression. I have feelings and some days/weeks are easier than others. I am not ashamed of those feelings, I've been strong for a long time and will continue to be strong. 

   Be well folks!