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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finishing WIPS and Depression

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Sorry for the infrequent blogging, I was trying to blog twice a week, but between family colds getting passed around and my stress over my carpal tunnel diagnosis.. Well I've been too stressed and distracted to focus on a blog. But here I am and I'll let you know what I'm doing.

  I'm attempting to finish everything that is on my needles so that they do not haunt me while I'm recovering.

Specifically I'm working on:
Earth Shawl by Erica Jackofsky (Fiddle Knits), just finishing up the border. Using Wollelfe gradient yarn in Coffeebreak and I just love this stuff! :D

Mares' Tails by Katie Rempe, just 4 more repeats to go!

I've been really stressed out for various reasons, hence the lack of posts. I haven't heard anything about testing from my doctors office to prepare for my carpal tunnel pain, but I want to put it off until after June 13th as I'm getting the World Wide Knit/Crochet in Public event going in my home town, so really excited about that. 

   Even though the event is usually for knitters only, I'm changing it for my community because as someone who enjoys knitting and crocheting, I want to invite all to join me in town. There will be a Berry and Cream festival that day too so weather permitting, it should be an eventful and fun day. 

  Trying to keep my depression at bay is harder than usual these days, but I'm working on it. I find my sadness coming out easier in tears, but I'm managing to get through work, and solve some issues, but when I get home I am wiped and weekends are so tough. As a mom, there is no hole for me to crawl down, and as a trained therapist I know that though some downtime is good, someone who suffers from depression should keep on plodding along until the symptoms becomes easier to handle, which they always do. 

Chronic depression has it's waves, with dips and peaks. But if we train our thoughts to acknowledge that this will pass, and make sure that we surround ourselves with some happiness that we deserve, we get through it and it recedes (like the Hulk right? :-D).

  Ironically, I do not talk about depression in my home life as it's not something that has ever been encouraged in my family (family of origin, for those of you trained in therapy). But I will continue to write these blogs and say yes, I suffer from depression. I have feelings and some days/weeks are easier than others. I am not ashamed of those feelings, I've been strong for a long time and will continue to be strong. 

   Be well folks!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Giveaway Conclusion, Knitting Injury, and WIP's

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Welcome back! The Poststitch giveaway was a huge success, thank you to everyone who participated! Our winner was Meghan Nurmikko, so congratulations and thank you again to the kind ladies of Poststitch! (Is that enough exclamation marks?).

On a sadder note, I was diagnosed yesterday with severe carpal tunnel in my right arm. Back story on this is that last week I was in a lot of pain in my right arm. From that came the decision that I was not going to knit on Mondays and Thursdays (which worked for this past Monday but I failed on Thursday and was knitting). 

  So my terror of surgery and pain is rearing it's head while I absorb it and suck it up. *sniffle*.

On another note, I finished a knit from Botanical Knits by Alana Dakos! The Wrapped In Leaves shawl, which is made in Supersquish dk in colorway Harvest Gold from Celestial Strings Yarns. just need to block it and want to get rods for the top. I love it, and the pattern really was very nice. I enjoyed the pooling and striping effect of the yarn, reminds me of a walk in the forest during fall. When the sun is shining through the leaves as they change colors.

  I adore Celestial Strings Yarn, Angela is a wonderful dyer with a big heart, patience and beautiful taste. Please, please, go check out her Etsy page and her Facebook page and show her some love. I have some squishy yarn coming in the mail from her in the future and I will share what I get when it arrives.

In the meantime, I have been plugging along on the Mares' Tails KAL and suggested to Poststitch folks that they have a KAL for each delivery every month for fun. :D. So far I have 13 repeats completed, only 4 more to go! :) 

   What pattern should I work on next from Botanical Knits? Wrapped in Leaves was perfect, by the way!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Webs Tent Sale Awesomeness

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I will absolutely be making a small post about the winner of the Poststitch Giveaway on Wednesday night! Make sure you go to the Facebook page and enter if you have not entered!


   So Webs Yarn Store is in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is a beautiful store with a back room full of racks of yarn, like a warehouse, and a front room full of what looks like a normal yarn store.
  On this past Saturday and Sunday (May 16-17th) there was a tent sale out front. Quite literally.
  This tent included boxes of sale yarn from $2.50 a skein (which I grabbed 21 skeins of cream yarn for my mother, as she requested. She's excited to crochet an afghan with them) up to $12.50 a skein. The yarn ranged from at least fingering to bulky and was so much fun to go through.

   I managed to scrounge yarn for several projects, here is my fun picture of all my yarn all together on my recliner (aka knitting sanctuary and cuddle space with my kids and cats).
Berroco Vintage Worsted (52% acrylic, 40% wool, 8% nylon) in light grey and red (and one in pink for my daughter). This is what I'll be making with them:
  1. The light grey (smoke) is for a sweater my husband wants called Men's Sloppy Joe (he finally picked one!!). I'm doing it in the largest size and have plenty of yarn to do it with.
  2. The red (black cherry) is for a tunic for myself (work clothes) called Briar Rose Tunic from an Interweave Knits magazine (Winter 2011). Definitely will do it long, but debating on whether or not to add longer sleeves.
Monte Donegal worsted (40% alpaca, 40$ merino wool, 14% acrylic and 6% rayon) in mustard.
  1. I was looking specifically for a yarn to do the Heliopath Vest (for work again). Can you tell I need work clothes? It's cold in my office all year around. This will be a fun cabled vest!

Berroco Folio (dk/fingering) (65% superfine alpaca  and 35% rayon) in a dark charcoal.
  1. This was a maybe to find on my list of what to look for at Webs, and the price was right, so I grabbed it for Trillium. This is a beautiful shawl from the latest Interweave Knits magazine (Summer 2015). Though the yarn is categorized online as a dk, it is so thin and soft that I am going to use it anyway. I also made sure to grab extra just in case, so I should be golden to make it with this pattern.

I also picked up some cotton which I would like to use to crochet a summer vest, so we'll see how that goes. :D Maybe I'll design it.

The drive to Massachusetts is long and a group of my knitting night ladies went in two cars. As usual, I take my list and powershop my way through the store. After an hour I'm done and I simply sit myself down out front and begin to work on my Mares' Tails Shawl, making many ladies (and one baby) smile at me haha.

One kind lady took a picture of me for her knitting group (and two of the bags above were for my mother!). The banana was yummy, and sat beside me until I had a moment to run inside to throw it away.

After much fun shopping, and sitting out front enjoying the sun (80's), breeze and many super friendly knitting and crocheting ladies shopping for yarn deals, we all went to FitzWilly's for lunch and I had a fantastic meal called Croque Monsieur (and no I did not say the first word right of my meal). It was ham and swiss grilled with bread and covered with a cheese sauce, fries were placed inside it and it was soo delicious.

Finally, we headed home and though foot-weary, I believe we all had a great day. Good conversation in the car and a fun day shopping (which is always fun!). If you didn't go this year, I hope to see you there next year!

Be well and keep on stitching!!



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Poststitch Giveaway & Summer 2015 Interweave Knits Magazine Favorites!

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So first things first. :D Yes I'm having the most amazing giveaway!! Thank you so much to the folks at Poststitch for being so awesome and donating this!

The prize is 1 free month delivery of a Poststitch box (your choice of Bigstitch or Sockstitch). These are pictures from the last two that I have received and I am in heaven!!!! 

May 2015 BigStitch Delivery

April 2015 BigStitch Delivery
All you have to do to enter the contest is go to the Poststitch Facebook page to get the question and post the answer on my Knitting Tangled Yarns Facebook Page post for this blog. On May 20th, I will randomly pull the winner! So simple!

Interweave Knits Magazine Favorites (Summer 2015):
Next, I want to do a review of my favorite patterns from the most recent Interweave Knits magazine (Summer 2015). When I received this magazine, I was a little torn, because of a few things.
    1) This was a summer issue and there were sweaters patterns.. kind of odd.
    2) Several of the patterns have the note from www.shop.knittingdaily.com on the picture that a kit was available (not sure how I felt about this).
    3) As usual, each pattern was missing a plain description of what weight the yarn was that was used in the pattern. 

That being said, there were several patterns that I have fallen in love with! So front to back, here we go! (All pictures were taken by my cell phone from the magazine, so major credit goes to the photographers of the magazine!). 

Jubilee Kerchief

   I adore to cover my hair, and have done so for years! This beaded kerchief is just adorable and I definitely want to make a few! I would definitely use the crochet hook method to add beads. This was the first pattern to strike my interest and I found it absolutely charming! 

Phyllotaxis Hat
    This grabbed my eye for a few reasons. I love the lacework, and a friend had actually asked me recently for my suggestion on a good slouchy hat. It looks very cute and I would like to make one for this fall/winter in a nice warm yarn. (Remember folks, winter is always on it's way!)

Trillian Shawl

   This is such a beautiful shawl, love the lacework and would love to knit this up. It looks comfy. I'm favoring larger shawls, and this does not look like the type to just be around the neck.. Maybe for my work? It can get cold in those offices folks, even in the summer. Maybe even a present for a boss for Xmas (because as well as winter, Christmas is always coming haha).

Chesapeake Jacket

  This sweater interested me initially because of the waves, as I'm not a huge fan of the crabs (which have grown on me). But the more I look at this, the more I'm tempted. The yarn suggested/used is Malabrigo Rios, so maybe one day haha. What do you think?

Chrysler Cardigan

  The name confused me.. I just do not see Chrysler building at all, but that may be just me. I see beautiful structure colorwork, a nice fall sweater. Even the color combination is a big hit with me!

Remember to read the magazine from front to back because on the very last page is something that I can refer back to a past post about dream knitting trips/tours. "An Elf in the Mist: Two Knitters Hike in Iceland" is a cute short story and I am adoring all of it. All the way to the last few words "and we take out our knitting.". So make sure to check out this story.

Some people have complained about this magazine, but I enjoyed it and definitely found more than one or two knits I could do. So go pick it up if the spirit moves you! :D

Make sure you vote on the blog poll as well!

Be well!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day & Webs Tent Sale Planning

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First of all, happy wonderful Mother's Day. I'm celebrating both being a mother and having a mother who is very kind. So thank you to all the mother's of the world, if you are loving and can provide unconditional love and protection to the little souls entrusted to our hands, you are a good enough mom. 

In other news, Webs Tent Sale in Northampton, MA (USA) is this coming weekend of May 16-17. On May 16 I have a county exam to take (wish me luck!) and on May 17th my knitting night group will be going en mass. So excited here! But that also means I need to plan on what I want to look for.

Some of my ideas have been the following:

1) Tracery by Kathleen Sperling from The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits: The idea of doing the fairisle and having a vest for work has been on my mind.

2) Nordic Holiday by Norah Gaughan from Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans. My sister really wants this blanket so I am going to see if they have enough yarn in stock there to pick up. Worth a look!

3) Museum Sweater by Melissa Wehrle from Metropolitan Knits: Chic Designs for Urban Style. This looks like a nice sweater to have for work this fall, or summer if they turn the A/C up too high again.

These are just three ideas, so go check them out and please PLEASE tell me on instagram or on facebook what suggestions you may have.  I'm going to try and add a poll to my blog page so that you can vote, if you would like to.

Be well!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Poststitch Delivery and a Little Hulk

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   First of all, the wonderful people of Poststitch sent out a beautiful BigStitch May 2015 box that you can see here:

Within is:
(brand new and not available anywhere until this time) called "Mares' Tail" by Katie Rempe (who you can find here at www.katertaterknits.com).

1 skein of Breeze by Anzula (50% silk and 50% linen), my colorway is Keylime.

ChiaoGoo 24" Stainless Steel Circulars US #6

Stitch Markers (two little metal circles); Highlighter Tape (orangie and see through, this is a new one for me lol).

Sip 1 Koozie. It had a llama/alpaca on one side (I'm sorry I cannot tell the difference in an outline lol). And on the other it says: *k1, p1, sip 1* repeat till end.
    The yarn is soft and squishy, the pattern looks fun, the needles are a brand I enjoy (and can someone really have too much size US #6's? The highlighter tape is funny, and I will probably never use it, hopefully I do not loose the Stitchmarkers.. I should put them in my little glass mug that I keep my stitch markers in haha. I have the "Koozie" on my mountain dew bottle (yes I'm trying to wean myself off of it lol) and life is good. Very happy.

   So if you are interested in next month's BigStitch Poststitch Delivery, go to www.poststitch.com and sign up :D. I'm happy thus far.

   Other news:
     Otherwise, the weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend and there were many outings with my kids (remind me to not sit down and knit for long periods of time after hiking, I almost got stuck haha). My pants seem looser this week so maybe it's a good thing.
   This weekend looks like thunder storms, so we will see how that rolls out. The only thing on the docket is a girl scout meeting for my oldest. The poor husband is on call all weekend so that is no fun for him.

   The last piece thing I wanted to talk about was something that popped in my head today. I've noticed, while tracking my moods the past month or two, that though my moods go up during some weeks and go down around my period, I'm kind of like the Hulk. In the first Avenger's movie, when the Hulk turns back to the other Avenger's and says "That's my secret, I'm always angry.". I believe that that is my secret, I'm always depressed.
   It always lurks a little bit under the surface and if I'm not vigilant with staying mindful about what I'm doing and what I'm thinking about (and how I'm thinking), it is very easy for me to slip down and cry in the car or be the angry side of depressed.

    Some folks talk about whether depression is a physical disease or a disease of the mind and for the most part, I do not believe there is a difference because each thought is tied to a chemical that is released in your brain that creates a pathway. And when that pathway is used often enough it becomes habit. Since I was 8 years old, I've had problems with depression, so it is a habit for my brain to use those old pathways. Through knitting, socializing, reaching out, education and stubbornness (as well as the amazing feeling of loving two people so unconditionally as I love my two daughters), I have turned down a road in my brain that is a path less traveled.
   That is my favorite poem, by the way, by Robert Frost:
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Sometimes, it is definitely worth it. Have a great week!