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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top 5 Yarncrafting Travel Wish List Plus Giveaway News

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This week I’m just plugging along on my baby blankets and enjoying my daughters, so very little to share in terms of progress. But I thought I would work on a new blog post anyway because of a discussion I was part of during knitting night (last night).

  The world of people who craft with yarn is vast. There are cruises, tours, weekend escapes, conferences… Seriously, it’s just wonderful! So here is a rundown of my top 5 favorite Yarncrafting travels that I have discovered and want to be a part of one day. Please let me know if any of you have ever been a part of any of them and how you feel about them. (There will be no cruises on my list due to my tendency towards sea-sickness, but I respect them all just the same).

  You can view a much bigger list by date here: http://www.knittersreview.com/upcoming_events.asp

·       It’s Scotland, which puts it high up on my to-do list, as well as knitting and sheep! So for those reasons alone it’s on the top of my wish list.

·       This one is 4 days long and from £1449 per person (the exchange changes.. but it is currently under double to USD (United States Dollars).

·       OMGosh, it’s Iceland, first of all. Land of the cool cold. Helene Magnussun heads this and her designs and books are fantastic. This trip is a cool introduction into the world of Icelandic culture and knitting traditions, which is always really cool. I would absolutely love to be a part of this group.

·       They are about a week long, (Hiking and Knitting with Elves.. Squee!) and the cost is under $2,500 USD.

3)    Ballycastle Knits Tours (http://www.ballycastleknits.com/tours.htm)

·       This is and Ireland tour and boy does it look fun, though I will say it looks a little complicated to book (sigh), the trip plans look like absolute fun! It includes going to the Kenmare Lace Museum, a sheep farm, Victorian house and a castle visit.

·       This tour lasts for 8 days and is about €1,349 per Person (double occupancy), which equates $1448 USD. Not bad for 8 days.

·       This is a knitting journey, not just a tour or vacation and I would love to be a part of it. I would love to visit Peru and learn about their knitting traditions, as well as their love of color.

·       The tour is 11 days and $3995 USD (which is quite hefty for me as it does not include most meals, expenses or plane there and back, but I’m wishful lol).

5)    Knit & Crochet Show (http://www.tkga.com/)

·       This is a weekend conference that is sometimes held in New Hampshire, closer to where I live. This year it is in California and you can find more information at the link above. It’s only a weekend event with classes, competitions and lots of stuff for sale. Something on my wish list. :D

So tell me, have you done any of these? Want to sign up with me? :D I wish haha. Where is my lottery ticket?!

P.S. Check out my instagram post about this blog because I'm having a giveaway. Check it out before Saturday, 4/25, and enter to win a giftable ravelry pattern of your choice!

 Be well!