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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Fun and You all rock!

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This is what came in my poststitch delivery. I really love it, but the yarn got all tangled, and am planning on using the yarn to make a summer hat :D. What do you think?

Yesterday was Sunday, and Easter for many of you, so happy Easter!
We had many plans at my house that I was in charge of, getting the plastic eggs filled with candy for the little hunts in the back yard (repeated 3 times haha), making sure the roast was in the slow cooker at noon, and being referee to my children (my three year old has hit the terrible three’s eek!).

But I did get quite a bit of knitting in. On Easter Sunday, I started, and mostly finished, a stuffed doll which I adore. I just love this pattern (Knit Baby Doll Pattern by Amy Gaines).
    It’s actually patterned to knit in the flat, but I’m sure that could be changed for those of us that enjoy knitting in the round, and saves us sewing in the end (though I did enjoy practicing my mattress stitch on this little doll). But this doll is simple, and very easy. What has me very nervous, is the face. I’m planning on sewing on the sleeping eyes, nose and mouth.. And then it goes off to a birthday party as a present to a 1 year old.

Some folks have been curious about my plans to knit through a book, (Botanical Knits by Alana Dakos). But my knitting mojo was interrupted by screwing up the first sweater. So in an effort to restart my mojo, instead of going through the book from front to back, I’m going to skip to the back of the book and get started on the shawl in the back. It appears to be simple enough, and the yarn is just begging to be cast on. So that is going on next.

I’m fast approaching my hundredth blog post, and in an effort to have some fun with this, I will be hosting giveaway on Instagram, to be announced this week. Will be fun and easy, the only caveat is that I would like to interview the winner, :D. How long have you been knitting/crocheting, what are your favorite yarns and why, what are your favorite projects, finished objects, how many WIPS do you have?
To be honest, I'm having a terribly depressing day, and my ADD is acting up so I'm having trouble focusing. So so long for now and have a fantastic week. Keep an eye out on Instagram for me!!