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Monday, April 20, 2015

Baby Blankets.. Forward March!!

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The weekend was pretty good, made good progress on the Patchwork Baby Blanket.

Managed to have a ball teaching my daughter’s Girl Scout Brownie Troop how to finger knit (I really did have an awesome time and the only person who got upset was my own daughter haha). They all managed to finger knit at least down the back of their hand, and one of the troop mom/leaders finger knitted a strip so long they were playing jump rope!

Sunday, I went to visit my sister with both my daughters. It was heartwarming to see my oldest be firmly over her fear of dogs, while she played fetch with my sister’s dog, Marley. And my youngest was really shy and started to ask to go home after an hour haha (she doesn’t get out much). But the road trip was fun and it was a beautiful day.
I’m planning on working hard on the next baby blanket, as this one will be wrapped up this week, I think. She’s in the hospital, so I’m holding my breath hoping that the baby stays put for a few more weeks and that they both come through this in an awesome way.
Haven’t touched the Outlander MKAL in a while, left off in the middle of the second clue and the third has come out, but I’m not worried.

Everyone be well and keep your chin up.