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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Stitch Marker That Ran Away

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Short blurb because something happened today that was annoying at the time, but is pretty funny in hindsight. 

    Every day that I can, I knit at work during my lunch half hour on this couch in the women's bathroom:
   I put out my kindle to read while I knit. Set out my phone so that I could keep track of the time. Picked up my knitting and got to work. When I tried to move a stitch marker from one needle to the next I dropped it and it slipped down my shirt and into the side of the couch between the cushion and the arm of the chair.

    Fairly sure that my attempts to catch it made it slide faster and so I pulled off the couch cushions, cursing up a storm, and trying to find the little golden stitch marker. 

   It came from Such Gwenderful Stuff Etsy shop and are so beautiful! 
  More angry over wasting my knitting time trying to find a stitch marker, that never showed up, than over losing one.. I sat back down and knitted for a few minutes before I got up and decided to go down a few floors to the building store for some ice cream to improve my mood. 

    When I got downstairs they were closed and let me tell how much that made me happy. I think I swore a few times going back up the stairs because I really wanted an ice cream sandwich. 

   Took a moment to post what happened on Facebook via my cell phone and received many sympathy messages and one question about whether it came from a stitch set I bought from Heather and her The Stitch Stache Etsy shop, since she was willing to give me a replacement (isn't that the sweetest damn thing? Seriously, go buy something from her now, she deserves the love). 

Love you guys!! Be well!!