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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pipe Dream of Happiness for the World

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Happy Sunday!

  I haven't even been on Instagram this past week. What a crazy week with me being sick most of the week and my 3 year old getting really sick. Thank goodness she is looking so much better, starting just this afternoon! Sometimes life is just crazy, but it's about keeping those you love close.

   And it's not just about those you love. This past week, while listening to the radio, there were some comments made that just infuriated me. Such as people not wanting to listen to others when they "entrap" them and speak to them. There was both a story about Beiber talking to an older gentlemen and a commercial about having high download speeds in order to download a movie so that a woman wouldn't have to listen to the stories another passenger sitting beside her had to tell her. 

  What is so wrong with listening to others and their stories? It teaches us about ourselves and about other people. It helps battle loneliness and creates a connection. What is the worst thing that happens when you listen to someone talk to you, really listen? You don't waste time, unless you learn nothing. Unless you do not connect. Than who is at fault for that? Not the person talking to you, but you for wasting an opportunity for a positive connections. 

  So many people walk through this world cynical and angry, desperate for love and kindness, unable to know how to even hand it out. But to learn how to really listen, to care, to see someone and say to yourself, yes, maybe they're not as "smart" as you. Yes, maybe they're making decisions you do not agree with.. But if we weren't all so cut off from each other so that we never really talk to each other. Never really listen.. Maybe than we would again be friends with our neighbors. Maybe than we could feel less lonely.