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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meshing Patterns, Autumn's End and TV Joy! :)

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    I was hoping to do a post on Wednesday, as I had a few things on my mind, and then by the time I got home I was really sick through Friday. So I apologize, but I believe I may try to start doing biweekly posts, instead of once a week. 

   Tonight, there are a bunch of shows that I'll be looking forward too; Once Upon A Time, the season finale of Downton Abbey, Madame Secretary, and The Last Man on Earth. Obviously I will not be able to watch all of these tonight haha, thank goodness for DVR and the wonders of Time Warner Cables On Demand feature lol. What are you folks watching? Once Upon A Time was fun this past fall with the Frozen thing going, but it seems to be losing steam. Downton Abbey made me gasp last week.. As far as I'm concerned they are still going strong.

Autumn's End Update
    As for my knitting, yes, I do have a major update as to my Autumn's End Sweater debacle. I've never made a sweater that required 3-4 inches positive ease. all of mine were about 1 inch positive ease or so. But this book requires 3-4 inches positive ease for the Autumn's End sweater so I believe that I am still going to make it for the size I planned, but instead of fitting me, it will fit someone at a smaller size, or it will have much less drape. Still planning on using the larger needles so that hopefully the gauge will translate to the lacework this time haha. 

   I finished the two baby blankets and am thrilled with them. I cannot block out the Lotus blanket, thanks to a water pipe burst in my town haha. But it will happen.
Knitting Round Robin
    With my etsy shop open again I really want to knit up some baby sweaters and jumpers, so I have been deciding which ones to pick from my pattern books and looking at knitpicks.com for yarn color ideas. If you have any suggestions, let me know! :D 
  Some pattern ideas:
For babies/toddlers:
  Overalls by Lori Steinberg
  Ruffled Top and Pants by Cheryl Murray
  Fishermen's Pullover by Lee Gant
Other ideas for fun will be that I will be combining these two ponchos. I will be making the lace a wide panel from the Off-Kilter Lace Poncho but I want the neck and size from the Blanket Poncho. Lace uses less yarn than cables so I will end up using less yarn on the poncho I want.
   #201 Off-Kilter Lace Poncho by SweaterBabe
  Blanket Poncho and Bag by Patons 

  This was a tough week, being sick and having the end of my period, but taking it one day at a time helps. I have the best girls too! :)
 What is on your knitting round robin? 

  If you want to comment, but do not have a google+ account, please feel free to go to facebook and comment on there any time you want. The link to everything is up above. 

Be well and take it one day at a time!!